Socotra rises up in US-Emirati colonialism face

A correct choice was made by the Socotra tribes by giving the American forces a month to leave the island, unless the option of armed force is the appropriate means to expel the American invaders and others from the Socotra archipelago.

A few days ago, the island witnessed tribal movements to create and form an armed resistance from the people of Socotra to demand the departure of the American occupation forces. This came after a strongly worded statement by the sheikhs and notables of the island in which they denounced the American military presence and its installation of air defenses on the island, which is considered a full-fledged occupation and a blatant violation of Yemen’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The statement demanded the immediate departure of American forces and warned of the repercussions of the American-British escalation in the region.

In fact, the international colonial ambitions on Socotra Island are not emerging today due to its distinct and important geopolitical location d
ue to its presence in the axis of maritime traffic in Red and Arabian Seas and Bab al-Mandab Strait, which made it vulnerable to the ambitions of colonial countries, past and present, and it continued to wait for the appropriate opportunity to enter the island, until the exceptional event in Yemeni history came in the form of this unjust war, with the UAE using it as a pretext to enter the island, occupy it, and hand it over to the Zionists, who for many years dreamed of being present in the pearl of the islands in the world.

The UAE did what the colonial powers could not do on the island of Socotra, and entered it under false names, taking advantage of the state of weakness, division, and fragmentation in the Yemeni reality, which came as a result of the unjust war launched against the Yemeni people.

The UAE treated the island and its inhabitants as a slave and proceeded to change its natural features and plunder its resources. And the theft of its antiquities, and what is even worse is that it brought abo
ut the Zionist-American military and intelligence presence, which had been dreaming of this presence for decades.

This is a crime that is added to the series of crimes committed by the UAE against many Arab and Islamic countries, supported by the oil money it obtained and directed in this bad direction to destroy Arab , Islamic entities and countries without any scruple of religion or Arab and Islamic affiliation.

The unfortunate thing is that in this satanic state that was created to perform a functional role only to serve American and Western colonial interests, there is no longer any moral and religious value that has not been trampled upon by the rulers of the Emirates, which has become, due to American Western colonial policy, a den of American, Zionist, and Western intelligence in which conspiracies, killings, and assassinations are managed in the Arab region, Asia, and even Africa, to serve colonial interests.

Source: Yemen News Agency