US Concerned After Israeli occupation attacks Iranian consulate in Damascus

WASHINGTON, The United States expressed concern over rising tensions in the Middle East after an Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Washington did not detail its position on the incident. White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre told journalists on Monday, that the US administration was aware of reports about the attack, stating, “Our team is looking into it… I won’t go further than that.” US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller affirmed on a press release, “We have seen the strike, however, again, I want to let the consultations that we have ongoing with partners in the region take place before I comment any further” He added, “I will not comment specifically on this strike because, again, we just need to know more about it before we comment on it, and that includes drawing any conclusion, as a general principle, of course, we are concerned about escalation in the region.” Syria reported on Monday that several individuals were killed and injured in the Israeli occupation’s miss
ile strike on the Iranian consulate building in the (Mazza) neighborhood of Damascus.

Source: Kuwait News Agency