VAPORESSO – World Vape Show and after party at the Shangri-La Dubai

DUBAI, UAE, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VAPORESSO exhibited at the Dubai World Vape Show, Booth No. 5080 and hosted an after party at the Shangri-La Dubai on the 17th June 2022.

VAPORESSO is the luxe of vaping and it unveiled products at the show, which equipped with brands’ COREX heating technology, Axon chips and 3S leak-resistance tech. VAPORESSO aim to move “Beyond the ordinary” and to spread their brand DNA “RELIATBILITY” specifically.  Therefore, VAPORESSO held an after party at the Shangri-La Dubai, ikandy ultralounge, not only for their business partners, but also media like Vaping 360, their customers and fans.  “We follow a user-centric strategy from the ground up that ensures all VAPORESSO products are developed based on vapers’ need, and exceed vapers’ expectations. We never, and will never stop striving to go beyond limit. Quality is everything to VAPORESSO. With our comprehensive, reliable workflow and management, we strive to ensure all of our products and our services are dependable. ” – CMO Thalia Cheng.

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   VAPORESSO was created in 2015 and is dedicated to establishing a smoke-free world while raising the quality of life for our users.  Based on our continuous innovation, strict quality control, and substantial commitment, VAPORESSO creates products that can fit all levels and styles of vapers.  VAPORESSO strives to be able to help as many people as possible.

The chairman and CEO Simon Lai was a smoker for 11 years, before turned to vaping. “When we started VAPORESSO, we had a big dream to make switching to vaping as easy as possible for everyone.” – CEO Simon Lai.

SMOORE is the parent company of VAPORESSO, which is the largest global vaping device provider. SMOORE is the first to be publicly listed in the industry, with a valuation of over 25 billion USD, which set a significant milestone in history.

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