Zakat Authority launches distribution of 2,000 food baskets for displaced families in Hodeida

The Zakat General Authority office in Hodeida governorate has launched on Thursday the distribution of food baskets for displaced persons in a number of province districts.

The assistance targets 2,000 food baskets of displaced families affected by the consequences of the aggression in the directorates of Mokha, Al Khawkhah, Hays and Al Garrahi.

The Deputy Governor for Services, Mohamed Halisi, commended the humanitarian role of the Zakat General Authority and its office in the governorate; To see the situation of displaced persons affected by the aggression in the target districts.

This assistance was seen as a picture of social solidarity, embodied in the Authority’s projects to alleviate the suffering of the poor and the needy. It notes the successes achieved in zakat banks and the development of zakat performance.

Source: Yemen News Agency