Israeli settlers place caravans on a Palestinian land in Jordan Valley

Colonial Israeli settlers placed a caravan today and set up a cattle barn in the area of Sahl Um al-Qiba in the Jordan Valley region, northeast of the occupied West Bank, according to local sources. Mutaz Besharat, a local activist, told WAFA that Israeli settlers placed a caravan and set up a cattle barn in the said area, in what local Palestinian residents fear what could be a prelude for the establishment of an Israeli outpost in the area. More than 650,000 colonial Israeli settlers live in Jewish-only settlements across the West Bank in violation of international law, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention which expressly bans the relocation of the occupying nation’s civilian population to the land of the occupied.

Source: En – Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA

JCI calls on benefiting from pan-Arab economic partnerships

Head of the Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) , Fathi Jaghbir, said national efforts should be orchestrated to optimally benefit from pan-Arab economic integration. Jaghbir added that Arab economic partnerships made among multiple Arab countries, including Jordan, during the past recent years represent a “promising” opportunity to achieve growth and prosperity of Arab economies and promote the desired Arab economic integration. In a statement to “Petra” on Saturday, he said joint Arab action needs continuous development to keep pace with developments, especially in light of today’s major economic blocs that aim to promote self-sufficiency and contribute to achieving food security. Jordan, he noted, was a “pioneer” in working to form economic blocs with various Arab countries, starting with the integrated industrial partnership for sustainable economic growth between the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Jordan. This partnership, he noted, is a “serious and practical” step to start networking the available capabilities and laying a “major” cornerstone for Arab integration. In this regard, he said 12 agreements for industrial projects worth more than $2billion were signed, which is a “positive” achievement in this field to build on each country’s competitiveness and achieve industrial integration. These agreements, which included “vital” sectors, primarily agriculture, drugs, metals, chemicals and electric-powered cars, are viewed a “strategic” development step to advance Arab industry and Jordanian industrial sector, according to Jagbir.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Avalanche kills 9 people, injures 25 N. Pakistan

At least nine people lost their lives and 25 others were injured in a snow avalanche that struck Astore district of Pakistan’s northern Gilgit Baltistan region on Saturday, said officials.

The avalanche struck near Shunter Pass during the early hours of the day, Deputy Inspector General of Police for Diamer-Astore Division Tufail Mir told media.

He confirmed that at least nine people, including three women, were killed in the avalanche while 25 others sustained injuries. He said that rescue teams were facing challenges in reaching the affected area due to its remote location and difficult terrain. The rescue efforts were affected by the communication issues in the remote area. Meanwhile, Provincial Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid Khan expressed deep sorrow over the loss of lives and instructed local authorities to initiate rescue operations.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Berlin says Moscow’s decision to downsize embassy staff ‘unilateral’

The German Foreign Ministry Saturday criticised Russia’s decision to force Germany to reduce its diplomatic staff and staff in public institutions such as the Goethe Institute and the German School in Moscow by June 1. According to DW, the ministry stated that “this is a unilateral, unjustified and incomprehensible action,” adding that the cap set by Russia implies a significant reduction in all areas of the German presence in Russia while at the same time maintaining a diplomatic presence. In mid-April, Germany expelled several Russian diplomats, and Moscow responded by expelling 20 German embassy staff. In April, the Russian Foreign Ministry set a ceiling for the number of German diplomats and representatives of public institutions, according to the German Foreign Ministry.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Iraq “development road” conference sets up panels

The “development road” conference, hosted by Baghdad on Saturday, concluded with formation of panels tasked with addressing mechanisms of states’ engagement in the mega venture, intended to link up south Iraq with the north.

The Iraqi Government said in a statement that the conferees discussed blueprints for regional countries’ participation in the enterprise, executive plans and development ventures that would be affiliated to the road project.

Among the topics examined on the table were affiliate renewable energy projects, link-up of the road that stretches from Faw port in the south to the borders with Turkey in the north with regional ports, prospected financial returns and feasibility studies.

The convention was attended by transport ministers and officials from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, the UAE, Qatar, Oman and the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq Tareq Al-Faraj.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Legal Expert: Kurdistan Region Has The Right To Reject Changes That Affect Its Rights

The legal expert, Salem Hawass, said: The Kurdistan Region has the right to reject changes that affect its rights.

He added in a press statement: As long as adherence to the political agreement of the State Administration Coalition is the basis for security and stability in Iraq, and it is the step on which the political process in Iraq has relied since 2003 towards a better future for the country and all its components, the changes that affect the budget and the rights of the Kurdistan Region are considered a violation of the agreements concluded.

Hawass stressed: Going beyond understanding and agreement and seeking to violate rights and agreements outside the constitution only results in disappointment and disturbs the political stability on which the state was built, calling on the political parties to abide by the agreements in order to avoid creating new legal and constitutional crises.

He explained: As long as the Parliamentary Legal Committee completed the legal formulation of the budget items and sent them to the Finance Committee, the Finance Committee inevitably waits for the agreement of the political blocs to resolve the differences before proceeding with a vote on them in the House of Representatives, and therefore this requires the fulfillment of the obligations and promises concluded with the region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

MP Calls On The Media And Communications Commission To Fulfill The Debts Of Mobile Phone Companies

The MP of Sadiqoon Bloc, head of the Parliamentary Transportation and Communications Committee, Zahra Al-Bajari, called today, Saturday, the Media and Communications Commission to implement the decisions of the Iraqi judiciary regarding expediting the obligation of mobile phone companies to pay the debts incurred by them.

Al-Bajari said in a statement, “Based on the concern for public money and respect for the decisions of the Iraqi judiciary, we stress the importance of implementing judicial decisions, especially in the collection of debts owed by mobile phone companies “Korek, Zain and Asia cell,” noting that “these debts represent a right of the state’s rights, which are large sums for the country and the citizen in need for it.

Al-Bajari stressed the necessity of activating taxes and fees on these companies by the Media and Communications Commission.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Qatar Strongly Condemns Attack on Residence of Jordanian Ambassador in Khartoum

The State of Qatar has Strongly condemned the attack and vandalism of Jordanian ambassador’s residence in Khartoum, stressing the importance of providing protection to diplomatic missions as well as arresting the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.

In a statement Saturday, the Ministry if Foreign Affairs reiterated the State of Qatar’s position calling for an immediate end to the fighting in Sudan, exercising maximum restraint, resorting to reason, upholding public interest, and sparing civilians the consequences of fighting.

The statement also expressed the State of Qatar’s hope that all parties would pursue dialogue and peaceful means to overcome differences.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Undersecretary of MOCI Meets Omani Counterpart

HE Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) Sultan bin Rashid Al Khater met here on Saturday with HE Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion of the Sultanate of Oman Dr. Dr Saleh bin Said bin Salem Masen.

They discussed matters of mutual interest, and aspects of cooperation between the two countries in trade, investment, and industry.

During the meeting, HE Undersecretary of MOCI shed light on the successful economic policies set by Qatar to support private sector, explaining the incentives, legislations and promising opportunities, which aim at encouraging investors, businessmen and company owners to invest in the State of Qatar.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Qatar Elected for the Membership of WHO Executive Board

The 76th World Health Assembly has elected The State of Qatar for the membership of the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO) for a three-year term representing Eastern Mediterranean region.

The 34-member Executive Board of WHO is set to hold its meeting from May 31 to June 1 in Geneva, following the conclusion of the World Health Assembly.

The Board’s meetings discuss a number of important topics, most notably the outcome of the seventy-sixth World Health Assembly and the report of the Committee on Health Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response, in addition to issues related to the fourth pillar of the World Health Organization, regarding the enhancement of the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness in providing countries with better support.

The State of Qatar is participating in the World Health Assembly meetings being held in Geneva from May 21 to May 30, with a delegation by HE Minister of Public Health Dr. Hanan Mohammed Al Kuwari.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Ministry of Municipality to Organize 1st Qatar Real Estate Forum in June

Under the auspices of HE Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani, the Ministry of Municipality organizes the 1st Qatar Real Estate Forum during Jun. 4-5, 2023, at Sheraton Doha Hotel.

With the participation of a number of Their Excellencies ministers, along with an elite of corporate executives working in the real estate sector, the forum highlights the regulations and legislations and their role in achieving a sustainable real estate industry.

Featuring 35 keynote speakers and 1500 representatives from public and private sectors, alongside real estate developers and experts in this field, the forum includes 11 sessions and workshops to further discuss everything related to this critical sector.

During a press conference, vice chairman of the organizing committee of the Forum Ahmed Al Emadi outlined that the real estate sector is one of the vital sectors which leads many sectors with about 160 sectors, pointing out that it promotes the national product as one of the effective and influential sectors in the economy. He emphasized that the forum seeks to support and optimize the investment climate and formulate development approach and mechanisms to manage this sector.

Real estate sector will provide a platform to share expertise and ideas on everything relevant to the sector, including methods of development and support, in pursuit of achieving a sustainable real estate industry, Al Emadi added.

He pointed out that the forum highlights promising investment opportunities in the State of Qatar to be in the hands of local and foreign investors, in addition to introducing legislations and systems that regulate the real estate sector in Qatar and its reflections on this sector.

The Forum seeks to raise vocational and societal awareness of real estate development and the special significance of this sector in light of Qatar’s quest for promoting sustainability concept, he noted, outlining that the event will promote the concept of sustainability and lay out its relevant ideas and opinions since real estate sector is among the targeted sectors in this aspect, he pointed out.

Vice chairman of the organizing committee underlined that the event would support and execute the real estate development strategy and its outcomes, as well as encouraging young national talents to engage in this sector, while there will be an opportunity to set a road map for a real estate development track in Qatar Which reflects positively on the return of this sector on all sectors that promote it.

In addition, Al Emadi indicated that the State of Qatar is witnessing a comprehensive renaissance in multiple sectors and real estate sector has been one of these sectors that buttressed the renaissance process as the second sector which is rapidly growing in the country after energy.

He noted that Qatar occupied the first rank as one of the best countries that attracts foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide in 2023 according to a report published by the fDi Intelligence magazine, pointing out that Qatar has achieved a distinguished rise and annual growth in FDI’s projects with 70 percent rate between 2019 and 2022, which is projected to grow with 2.4 percent in 2023 with a low inflation rate not exceeding 3.3 percent, making investment atmosphere attractive in the State of Qatar, he said.

After the State of Qatar hosted the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament followed by a good international reputation Qatar had made, it was incumbent upon every single person to think about the way to take advantage of this major achievement within the framework of achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030, Al Emadi stressed.

For his part, member of the organizing committee of the 1st Qatar Real Estate Forum, representative of the private sector Manea Al Manea outlined the most prominent panel discussions the forum will feature, adding that the event will organize 7 panel discussions and 4 workshops to highlight future trends of the real estate sector to review the efforts made by various state ministries and institutions to enable real estate sector to be a contributing factor in achieving comprehensive development.

A session for the real estates foreseeable future will be dedicated, including the most important initiatives and supporting ideas that would chart a sustainable real estate future in light of the digital transformation the world is experiencing, he added, pointing out that the forum will feature a session on real estate governance and introduce regulations and legislation, as well as their impact on this sector through reviewing some regional models with emphasis on legal and regulatory frameworks in the real estate sector in Qatar.

He pointed out that a session under the title of real estate in the post-world cup tournament will be organized, adding that the world cup that was organized by Qatar achieved good reputation, especially in the real estate sector which will find numerous promising opportunities in the foreseeable future.

Another discussion will also be dedicated to discussing the issue of funding to introduce the importance of real estate funding governance, along with the mechanism of controlling the funds provided by banks or other funding institutions in Qatar.

Director of General Cleanliness Department at the Ministry of Municipality, member of the organizing committee Dr. Fayqa Abdullah Ashkanani said the forum will be held in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Justice, Expo 2023 Doha Qatar, alongside Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company.

She added that a space has been dedicated to all digital platforms in the State of Qatar and various local media entities, along with several international agencies to attend and cover the forum, outlining that the forum intends to convey its media message through partnership and cooperation with multiple media entities and hire a number of specialized media professionals.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Vigil at Ministry of Local Administration to condemn outcomes of Jeddah Summit

The Ministry of Local Administration organized on Saturday a vigil to denounce the so-called “Jeddah Declaration” issued by the 32nd Arab Summit.

The statement of the vigil, in which the leaders and cadres of the Ministry participated, condemned the Summit’s lack of interest in ending the aggression against Yemen and lifting the embargo imposed on its people nine years ago without legal or moral justification.

The statement read by the Undersecretary of the Local Plans and Budgets Sector, Mohammed al-Sanhani, condemned the leadership and staff of the Ministry of Local Administration and local authorities in the provinces and districts for the outcomes of the Arab League Summit, which over the past eight years has blessed the aggression and blockade of Yemen and granted its mercenaries right to represent Yemen and take its seat, a position reaffirmed by the Jeddah Summit.

He reiterated the rejection of Jeddah’s declaration, which considered what was taking place in Yemen to be a crisis while being subjected to full-fledged aggression and an unjust blockade that had resulted in the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history.

He condemned the Arab statement’s adherence to resolution 2216 as a reference for peace in Yemen, although the peace envoys to Yemen affirmed that the resolution would prolong the war and permanently close the road to any political solution.

The statement pointed out that the reform of the League of Arab States and the development of joint Arab action is still a distant dream due to the external intrusions the League has been subjected to that diverted it from the goals for which it was established.

Source: Yemen News Agency