Presidential spokesman holds Israel, US responsible for the deterioration in the Palestinian territories

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, the official spokesman for the presidency, said today that the Israeli occupation authorities and the United States are responsible for the deterioration on the ground in the occupied territories, stressing that Israel has crossed all red lines by insisting on the killings and incursions into the Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps, the latest of which was the assault on Balata camp in Nablus this morning that led to the death of two young men and the wounding of others, as well as the continuous aggression for the fifth consecutive day against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. Abu Rudeineh held the Israeli occupation government responsible for these serious crimes committed against all the Palestinian territories, which, he warned, will have great repercussions on the stability of the entire region. He said that the US administration also bears responsibility for the deterioration of the situation as a result of its silence toward the Israeli crimes and failure to immediately intervene to stop them, which made Israel persist in its aggression against the Palestinian people. The official spokesman said the Palestinian people will not allow the continuation of this Israeli policy against their land and sanctities and will remain steadfast on their land, regardless of the pressures.

Source: En – Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA