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Public Prosecutor inspects judicial work in Rayma

The Public Prosecutor Judge Dr. Muhammad Al-Dailami inspected today,Tuesday, the progress and regularity of judicial work in Raymah Province following the judicial leave.

During the visit, Judge Al-Dailami met the President of the Court of Appeal, Judge Akram Al-Ulafi, the Chief Prosecutor of the Appeals Court, Judge Amin Al-Qarni, the Governor’s Attorney, Yaish Al-Dubaibi, and the Deputy Director of Security, Colonel Abdullah Abboud, and listened to an explanation from them about the cases pending before the judiciary , seized by security, and security level , local coordination , cooperation in implementing Judgments and judicial decisions.

Judge Al-Dailami urged judges and employees of the judiciary in Raymah to redouble efforts in completing cases, facilitating litigation procedures, protecting rights and freedoms.

The Public Prosecutor also visited the Criminal Prosecution and Al-Jebeen Prosecution and was briefed on their work mechanisms, the level of achievement, and the process of closing judicial
records for the past year with the criminal case process system within the Public Prosecution’s network connection.

Judge Al-Dailami listened to the complaints , requests of citizens and directed what was necessary regarding them.

Source: Yemen News Agency