RACA Discusses Harnessing AI to Serve Charitable Work

In cooperation with Qatar University and Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA) held a meeting to discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and its relation to charitable and developmental work.

The meeting discussed ways to harness AI to serve the charitable work in the State of Qatar to develop this sector and achieve the desired goals, especially about methods of directing assistance to the most groups in need, predicting crises and humanitarian needs, engaging donors and volunteers, interacting with the public and beneficiaries, data analysis and strategic direction, and Improving project and resource management through AI.

The meeting discussed many items, suggestions, and initial ideas that AI can contribute to serving Qatari charitable work, most notably data analysis and strategic direction, what it can provide in helping charitable organizations in that regard, extracting patterns and trends, and the possibility of using this information to determine needs and priorities, thus improving the planning of charitable programs and projects.

Among the ideas discussed at the meeting were communicating and involving donors and volunteers, designing targeted awareness campaigns, or improving the online donation experience, in addition to improving project and resource management by analyzing data and identifying places that need more focus and support.

These ideas and proposals will require a rigorous scientific effort and the preparation of studies on transforming these ideas into applied work mechanisms and implementing them in cooperation between the concerned and competent authorities. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency