The INSS Implements A Campaign To Adopt The Dinar Instead Of Dollar In Commercial Dealings In Kirkuk

The Iraqi National Security Service carried out a wide campaign to adopt the dinar instead of the dollar in commercial dealings in Kirkuk Governorate.

The detachments carried out an educational and awareness campaign for most of the commercial markets in Kirkuk Governorate, the aim of which is to adopt the Iraqi dinar, which enhances the citizen’s confidence in the Iraqi currency.

A security source confirmed that the campaign will be periodic and continuous, and in the coming days it will participate with the relevant parties from the Kirkuk Chamber of Commerce and the Financial Supervision Department, as they are mainly concerned in this regard.

He explained that the Iraqi National Security Service will work in partnership with the competent authorities to achieve a national and strict will to support the local currency, raise the value of the Iraqi dinar, and achieve its stability in the market and in other areas by restricting dealing with foreign currency according to legal channels and procedures to serve the public interest.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency