Japan provides grant to enhance school enrollment for vulnerable groups in Irbid

The Government of Japan provided a $730,000 grant to support (access) registering and enrollment in primary and secondary schools for the vulnerable groups in Irbid, northern Jordan. The grant contract was signed today by Japan Ambassador to Jordan, Jiro Okuyama, and the project manager at the Jordan office of World Vision Japan, a Japanese non-governmental organization. This grant aims to support the improvement of the educational environment, especially for the vulnerable children, including children who have dropped out of school, children with special needs, and refugee children, the Japanese embassy said in a statement. It also aims to enhance teachers and school staff capabilities to ensure comprehensive education in public schools in Irbid governorate by providing support classes for learning English language and life skills, and securing barrier-free school facilities in addition to educational materials based on the organization’s extensive experience in this field. The project will contribute to reducing social disparities and empowering children in Jordan.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Activate community initiatives in Hajjah

A meeting in Wadrah district in Hajjah province, headed by the deputy governor, Dr. Taha Al-Hamzi, discussed ways to activate community initiatives.

In the meeting, which included the director of the Office of Industry and Trade in the governorate, Mahmoud Wahban, and the Secretary of the Directorate, Ali Nasiri, Al-Hamzi stressed the importance of the community’s contribution to the implementation of development projects.

He pointed to the interest of the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council in community initiatives as the ideal partner in building and upgrading the level of public services.

While the mobilization official of the city’s directorates, Ahmed Al-Akhfash, pointed out the importance of supporting the state’s efforts and self-reliance in the advancement of the homeland.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Martyrs’ Families Care Authority announces opening of admission to Yemeni universities

The General Administration of Educational Care of the General Authority for the Care of Martyrs’ FamiliesToday, announced the opening of admission and comparison for the free seats allocated to the category of martyrs and their relatives in Yemeni universities.

In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), the Director General of Educational Care at the Authority’s office, Hussein Al-Sheikh, confirmed the start of registration to enter the comparison tests for free seats in universities, starting today, Thursday, Shawwal 28, 1444 AH, and for a period of one week only.

Hussein Al-Sheikh explained that the category that has the right to register in the free seats allocated to the martyrs category is “the children of the martyrs, male and female, the widow of the martyr, the mother and father of the martyr, the brother and sister of the martyr,” who are high school graduates.

He called on the families of martyrs and missing persons in various governorates, high school graduates who wish to obtain free seats in universities, to quickly fill out the application form through the authority’s representatives in the governorate or directorate in which it is located within a week from the date of the announcement.

He stated that one of the conditions for applying for free seats is that the year of high school graduation should be during the years 2016-2017 until 2021-2022 AD, and that the high school average must not be less than 60 percent, and the advanced student completes the registration procedures through the electronic portal via the link: mohesr.gov.ye.

Source: Yemen News Agency

PM participates in speech ceremony on occasion of International Museum Day

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor, participated in the speech ceremony held by the Ministry of Culture – represented by the General Authority for Antiquities and Museums – on the occasion of the March 18 International Museum Day, and the temporary exhibition that was held on the occasion.

The Prime Minister delivered a speech in which he expressed his thanks to the Ministry of Culture and the General Authority for Antiquities and Museums for organizing the festive event, which reminds Yemeni citizens and officials of their duty and great responsibility in preserving the antiquities of their homeland, which are subject to neglect, looting and smuggling.

He highly valued every work, small or large, in the field of caring for the history of Yemen and preserving its great historical heritage. He pointed to the importance of continuous awareness through various media, cultural, extension and educational platforms to raise public awareness about the importance of Yemeni antiquities and cultural and civilizational heritage, and to deal with high responsibility with these aspects.

Dr. Bin Habtoor explained that “human history passed through Yemen – if it did not start from it – and therefore left us this legacy that we see today in every region of Greater Yemen.”

He said, “Our ancestors made Sabaean and Himyarite history hundreds of years before Islam, and they are proud of their great and pivotal role in consolidating the foundations of Islam and spreading it to the corners of the earth. The remains of Yemeni leaders are still present today in the east and west of the land.”

He added, “Many fair scholars are trying today to return history to Yemen as the land of prophets, messages and religions, and the source of ancient human civilizations.”

The Prime Minister continued: “Every Yemeni should have a sense of pride in the history of his country and its rich heritage, because without that, we will turn into a people who neglect and sell their antiquities and history to others.”

He noted the antiquities that were recovered from Europe and America, which were looted, smuggled and sold in open auctions, which represent a small part of what is abroad.

Dr. Bin Habtoor pointed out that the countries of the world, especially the European ones, are very proud of their history and antiquities, even if they are small in size, and they hold seminars and give lectures to shed light on them and enhance the general feeling among their people of their importance. Proceeding from man’s search for his own depth, stressing that preserving history is preserving the present and future of the nation.

In addition, the Prime Minister, accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Abdullah Al-Kibsi, and the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Obaid bin Dabi’, reviewed the contents of the temporary exhibition, which included photographs of Yemeni antiquities. Some of them were looted and displayed in exhibitions and auctions abroad, in addition to stone monuments inscribed with drawings and writings.

The Prime Minister visited archaeological exhibits in the National Museum: 800 pieces were smuggled abroad, and were recovered from abroad between 2001-2023 AD.

During his visit to the museum, he inspected the extent of the damage to the museum. As a result of the aggression coalition raids, and the siege on the capital, Sana’a, specifically the areas adjacent to the building.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Sa’ada Cultural Symposium on Anniversary of Scream

The Office of the General Authority of Endowments, the Guidance Office, and the Scholars Unit organized a cultural symposium on Thursday, on the occasion of the anniversary of the scream, under the slogan “The scream is a religious stance.”

At the symposium, which was attended by the Director of the Office of the General Authority of Endowments in Sa’ada, Lutf Yahya Al-Awawi, the scholar Amin Al-Qahm reviewed the starting points of the scream launched by the martyr leader, may God be pleased with him, as a practical stand against global arrogance.

He referred to the awareness, insight, knowledge and responsibility of the martyr leader, who led him to launch his Quranic project, reviewing the state of weakness and submissiveness that the nation was experiencing, and the propaganda campaigns that the martyr leader was subjected to, followed by the unjust war against him and his comrades.

Al-Qahm touched on the state of awareness and awakening caused by the Quranic project presented by the martyr leader, and the state of great immunity that society enjoyed in the face of challenges and dangers.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Aden Governor inspects exams conduct at designated center in capital’s secretariat

The governor of Aden, Tariq Mustafa Salam, inspected the progress of the tests at Ma’en Exams Center in the capital’s secretariat.

During the visit, Governor Salam listened to an explanation from the center’s director, Yahya Muhammad Jamil, and those in charge of the tests about the progress of the testing process and the efforts exerted to make it a success.

Salam praised the level of preparation and equipment that culminated in the launch of the exams on time without any obstacles or hindrances.

He pointed out that conducting exams in light of the current conditions that Yemen is going through represents a form of steadfastness in the aggression face and reflects the keenness of the Supreme Political Council to make the educational process a success under harsh and complex conditions.

The governor of Aden appreciated the role of the teachers and their efforts in making the exams a success and their steadfastness in performing their duties despite the interruption of salaries as a result of the aggression coalition continuing to shirk its obligations and multiply the suffering of the employees.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Iraq And Sudan Discuss Judicial Cooperation

Iraq and Sudan discussed judicial cooperation and preparation for mutual judicial visits between the two countries.

A statement to the media of the Judicial Council stated that the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faiq Zaidan, received today, Thursday, the Sudanese ambassador, Abdul Rahim Ser Al-Khatim Abdul Rahman, and discussed with him judicial cooperation and the preparation for conducting mutual judicial visits between the two countries./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Oil Prices Fall Due To The Rise In US Inventories

Oil prices fell today, amid concerns about an abundance of supply, after rising by about 3% during the previous session.

Brent crude futures fell 24 cents to 76.72 dollars a barrel, and US West Texas Intermediate crude fell 21 cents to 72.62 dollars a barrel.

Yesterday, both benchmarks rose by about 3 %, amid optimism about oil demand and the debt ceiling negotiations in the United States.

Oil prices are under pressure, including the unexpected jump in US oil inventories last week, due to a new withdrawal from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Inventories increased by five million barrels in the week ending May 12 to 467.6 million barrels, compared to expectations of a decline of 900 thousand barrels./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

A Specialist In Quds Affairs: What Is Happening In Al-Aqsa Mosque Is A Military Invasion

The specialist in al-Quds affairs, Jamal Amro, announced that large numbers of incursions are taking place in Al-Aqsa Mosque, as an unprecedented military invasion by settlers and the occupation police.

Jamal Amro told the Palestinian News Agency, “The occupation forces turned Al-Aqsa into a military barracks and deployed all their special forces and “border guards” in its courtyards and at its gates to secure the incursions of these extremists prior to the implementation of the “flags march” in occupied al-Quds.

He added, “We are facing a massive military challenge and invasion that began two days ago with the participation of all the security and intelligence arms of the occupation and the heavily armed elements, in preparation for the provocative march that starts this evening from western al-Quds to the Damascus Gate.”

He explained, “The occupation forces have prevented young men from entering Al-Aqsa since the dawn prayer, and only allowed a few numbers to enter it to impose their dominance and control and to ensure full protection for extremists during the incursions.”

He stated, “The extreme right-wing occupation government is trying to achieve any achievement or victory over Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to restore its dignity and loss that it suffered after the recent aggression on Gaza.”

He stressed, “Jerusalem will witness today provocations and attacks from settlers and the occupation, coinciding with the ‘flags march’, which will include the raising of occupation flags in Bab al-Amoud area, all the way to Al-Buraq Wall, west of Al-Aqsa.”

He added, “The flags march is a criminal, racist provocation that aims to impose full Israeli sovereignty over the Holy City.”/ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Arab League Chief condemns settlers rally in Jerusalem

Arab League Secretary General Ahmad Abul-Gheit condemned on Thursday the rallies by Jewish settlers in Jerusalem, which was supported by the right-wing Israeli government.

The so-called “flag-waving march” is an extreme behavior that would lead to dire consequences, he said in a statement.

On the Israeli settlers breaking into Al-Aqsa mosque, Abul-Gheit indicated that would only add fuel to an already explosive situation, saying that the act aimed at provoking the sentiments of Arab and Muslims.

There should be an international stance against such Israeli acts to prevent more injustice from occurring against Palestinians, the Arab League chief concluded.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Syrian Pres. will partake in Arab summit – SANA

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad will partake in the 32nd Arab summit due to kick off in Jeddah on Friday, the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) confirmed on Thursday.

Al-Assad received an invitation to participate in the summit from Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz on May 10.

Arab leaders started today arriving in the Saudi city pending start of the summit tomorrow.

Source: Kuwait News Agency