ROSEN, LEADING TRIAL ATTORNEYS, Encourages Plug Power Inc. Investors to Secure Counsel Before Important Deadline in Securities Class Action – PLUG


WHY: Rosen Law Firm, a global investor rights law firm, reminds purchasers of common stock of Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG) between August 9, 2022 and March 1, 2023, both dates inclusive (the “Class Period”) of the important June 12, 2023 lead plaintiff deadline.

SO WHAT: If you purchased Plug Power common stock during the Class Period you may be entitled to compensation without payment of any out of pocket fees or costs through a contingency fee arrangement.

WHAT TO DO NEXT: To join the Plug Power class action, go to or call Phillip Kim, Esq. toll-free at 866-767-3653 or email or for information on the class action. A class action lawsuit has already been filed. If you wish to serve as lead plaintiff, you must move the Court no later than June 12, 2023. A lead plaintiff is a representative party acting on behalf of other class members in directing the litigation.

WHY ROSEN LAW: We encourage investors to select qualified counsel with a track record of success in leadership roles. Often, firms issuing notices do not have comparable experience, resources or any meaningful peer recognition. Many of these firms do not actually litigate securities class actions, but are merely middlemen that refer clients or partner with law firms that actually litigate the cases. Be wise in selecting counsel. The Rosen Law Firm represents investors throughout the globe, concentrating its practice in securities class actions and shareholder derivative litigation. Rosen Law Firm has achieved the largest ever securities class action settlement against a Chinese Company. Rosen Law Firm was Ranked No. 1 by ISS Securities Class Action Services for number of securities class action settlements in 2017. The firm has been ranked in the top 4 each year since 2013 and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for investors. In 2019 alone the firm secured over $438 million for investors. In 2020, founding partner Laurence Rosen was named by law360 as a Titan of Plaintiffs’ Bar. Many of the firm’s attorneys have been recognized by Lawdragon and Super Lawyers.

DETAILS OF THE CASE: The lawsuit alleges that, throughout the Class Period, defendants made materially false and/or misleading statements, as well as failed to disclose material adverse facts, about Plug’s business and operations. Specifically, defendants misrepresented and/or failed to disclose that Plug was unable to effectively manage its supply chain and product manufacturing, resulting in reduced revenues and margins, increased inventory levels, and several large deals being delayed until at least 2023, among other issues. As a result, defendants’ statements about Plug Power’s business, operations, prospects, and ability to effectively manage its supply chain and production lacked a reasonable basis. When the true details entered the market, the lawsuit claims that investors suffered damages.

To join the Plug Power class action, go to or call Phillip Kim, Esq. toll-free at 866-767-3653 or email or for information on the class action.

No Class Has Been Certified. Until a class is certified, you are not represented by counsel unless you retain one. You may select counsel of your choice. You may also remain an absent class member and do nothing at this point. An investor’s ability to share in any potential future recovery is not dependent upon serving as lead plaintiff.

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Jordan envoy’s residence in Khartoum vandalised

Jordan’s Foreign Ministry Friday reported that the residence of the Jordanian ambassador in Khartoum, Sudan, was attacked and vandalised, adding that the ambassador and embassy staff were in Port Sudan at the time of the attack. The Ministry condemned “all forms of violence and vandalism, especially those that violate the sanctity of diplomatic buildings,” noting the need to respect the rules of international law and relevant international agreements, especially the Vienna Convention.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Transport Minister inspects maritime and commercial activity at Salif Port and Ras Issa Marina

Transport Minister, Abdul Wahhab Al-Durra, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Red Sea Ports Corporation, Captain Muhammad Abu Bakr Ishaq, inspected the navigational and commercial workflow in Salif port and Ras Issa Marina in Al-Hodeida province.

During the visit, a meeting chaired by Al-Durra Minister with the leadership, staff and workers of the Salif Port discussed the status and work of the port, aspects of enhancing its maritime and commercial activity, an assessment of needs, priorities and stages of dealing with difficulties.

Al-Durra reviewed the commercial importance of the Salif port in receiving giant ships and providing strategic stocks of foodstuffs, especially flour, wheat, and various goods that represent an urgent need for the Yemeni people.

He explained that the current equipment of the port is not commensurate with the commercial and navigational role that it plays, especially with regard to the towing and guidance boats for the arriving ships, stressing the importance of making more efforts to raise the level of efficiency of the port’s services.

He urged to enhance continuous readiness and increase unloading rates to ensure that ships do not accumulate in the port’s draft, which leads to pressure on the Corporation’s management and the Ministry, in a way that guarantees speedy work turnover, reduces the stay of ships on the docks, and speeds up the release of goods and their arrival to consumers, especially in the areas that fall within the framework of the Corporation’s ports with high capacity and high population density.

Al-Durra appreciated the role of the workers, engineers, technicians and administrators in the Corporation’s ports and their efforts in maintaining equipment and machinery, especially Ras Issa launch, which was supposed to be maintained in an external dock commensurate with its technical specifications, which is not currently available as a result of the blockade and aggression.

He stressed the keenness of Transport Ministry and the Ports Corporation to meet all the needs of the port of Salif and Ras Issa Marina, expressing optimism in improving navigational and commercial services after the Council of Ministers approved the decision to provide emergency needs for Hodeida and Salif ports.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ports Corporation reviewed the advantages that \ Salif Port and Ras Issa Marina enjoy from the natural depths and the possibility of receiving giant ships.

He pointed out that the leadership of the institution seeks to enhance all needs and requirements to provide locomotive and pilot boats to enhance occupational safety, especially with the diversity of activity in them.

He stressed that technicians, engineers and all port staff are making great efforts in carrying out maintenance work to maintain the readiness of port equipment and machinery due to the imposed blockade and the prevention of the entry of spare parts.

In turn, the director of the Salif port, Dr. Fouad Al-Kibsi, explained that the workers in the port are making every effort to keep pace with the activity and raise unloading rates to reduce the rates of ships staying on the docks.

While the director of the berths and yards department at the port, Fouad Al-Maamari, confirmed that work on the berths continues around the clock, with an increase and speed in the level of unloading goods.

For his part, the director of Ras Essa Marina, Ibrahim Moqbel, confirmed that the marina is witnessing navigational traffic after stopping for years, which requires the implementation of studies to activate its activity in a way that is more commensurate with its capabilities.

After that, Al-Durra, the head of ports, and the director of berths and yards visited the berths of Al-Salif Port to see the navigational and commercial activity. They listened from the Director of Maritime Operations, Captain Muhammad Al-Sayes, to an explanation of the mechanism of entry and exit of ships, the process of organizing them, and the obstacles facing the operational process in the berths, such as the inconsistency of tugboats, pilot boats and port traffic.

Al-Durra and his entourage also inspected the facilities in Ras Issa oil berth of the Ports Corporation, and listened to an explanation from Captain Ishaq and the director of Hodeida Oil Company branch, Adnan Al-Jarmozi, about the existing arrangements for receiving oil tankers, the process of pumping into tanks, loading into locomotives, and distributing them to the provinces.

The minister and his entourage were briefed on the facilities and buildings of Ras Issa Marina, which were directly targeted by the aggression’s warplanes.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on this day 26 May

On May 26, the fighter jets of the US-Saudi-UAE aggression and its mercenaries targeted residential neighbourhoods, health facilities, telecommunications networks, fishermen’s centers and gas stations in war crimes that resulted in the martyrdom and injury of dozens of citizens in several provinces.

On 26 May 2015, nine citizens, including three women and two children, were killed and 16 wounded in an aggression raid on Jabal Saber in Taiz province, as well as three raids on the al-Estiqbal camp and al-Arous Mount in the province.

Two persons, including one child, were killed and 12 others were injured, following the targeting of the house of the Taiz province agent Ameen al-Bahr and the leadership of the Taiz axis in al-Jahmaliyah and al-Huban areas.

Six citizens of one family were also killed, and a woman was injured in a raid of the aggression’s warplanes on the village of Al-Mahsam in the Haradh district of Hajjah province. Five workers in the dialysis center in the district were also injured after it was bombed by the Saudi enemy.

The Saudi enemy targeted the customs building in the Haradh district with artillery shelling, and carried out raids on a number of government departments, the camp of the special security forces in the district, the vicinity of the government complex and the communications network in the Hayran district, and Wadi Haradh.

Also on this day, four citizens, including a woman, were killed, and twenty others, including women and children, were injured as a result of the aggression’s bombing of the health center and a popular market in Al-Asha district in Amran province.

The aggression warplanes launched a series of raids on the sea line and Aden International Airport, while Saudi artillery and missile strikes targeted the city of Baqim in Sa’ada province, which led to the destruction of seven houses and significant material damage.

On this day in the year 2016, the aggression warplanes launched a raid on the Harib Nehm area, west of Marib. While the mercenaries bombed Al-Matoun district in Jawf governorate with missiles and artillery, and Al-Tahani area in Dhalea with machine guns.

In Taiz, the aggression’s mercenaries bombed with heavy machine guns the Al-Qashouba area of Al-Wazi’iyah district, and with artillery, the network site, al-Madrb, the Al-Qarf area in the same district, and the coastal strip of the Dhubab district.

The aggression’s mercenaries took over the citizens’ homes in the Al-Madhabi Himyar area of Maqbanah district in Taiz, and forced the people to flee.

On May 26, 2017, eight citizens, including a child, were killed and five others were injured as a result of three raids by the aggression’s air forces, which targeted a house and a commercial store for the citizen Muhammad Ayed, and an oil change shop in the Al-Kanab area of Maqbana district, Taiz governorate.

The aggression warplanes launched four raids on the citizens’ farms in Bani Suwayd, Dawran Aness district, Dhamar governorate, causing great damage to the citizens’ farms and property.

The hostile aircraft also launched seven raids on the areas of Al-Rabiah, Al-Makhdara, Al-Mushajh, and Wadi Noo’a in the Serwah district of Marib governorate, which caused damage to the citizens’ property, while the mercenaries bombed separate areas in the district with artillery.

On this day in the year 2018, two women were killed and a third was injured in a raid launched by the aggression warplanes on the Al-Abla area in Harf Sufyan district, Amran governorate, and two raids targeted Al-Jabal Al-Aswad in the district.

In Al-Hodeidah Governorate, the aggression warplanes targeted, with four raids, the fishermen’s center in the Al-Arj area in the Bajel district, which led to the destruction of a number of boats, while a citizen was killed in a raid on the Al-Tuhaita district, and the hostile aircraft launched a raid on the Kilo 16 area, and eight raids on the communications network in the city of Al-Salif.

The aggression warplanes targeted, with two raids, the Yemen Oil Company station on Sixtieth Street in the capital Sana’a, killing four citizens, including a woman, and injuring 11 others, including children, and a huge fire broke out and caused significant material damage to the station and the cars passing by.

The aggression launched five raids on Al-Mazraq and Faj Haradh in Hajjah governorate.

On this day of the same year, a man and three children were killed and 15 citizens were wounded in an air raid of the aggression that targeted the main line in the city of Saada. Two men and a child were killed as a result of Saudi missile and artillery shelling on separate areas of the border district of Ghamr.

The hostile aircraft in the Saada governorate also launched four raids on citizens’ homes and a mosque in the Al-Hamzat area in the Sahar district, eight raids on the Takhiya area in the Majz district, and four raids on the Al-Boqa and Al-Atfin areas in the Kitaf district.

The aggression warplanes targeted, with six raids, the areas of Shaaban, Al Ali and Al-Azhor in the border district of Razih, while separate areas of the district were subjected to Saudi missile and artillery shelling.

On this day in the year 2019, two children were injured of varying degrees as a result of the explosion of a cluster bomb left over from the aggression remnants in the Al-Maqna’a area in the border district of Munabbih, Sa’ada Governorate, while Saudi missile and artillery shelling targeted separate areas of the border district of Shada.

A boy was also wounded by mercenaries’ bullets in Gaza Street in Al-Hali district in the city of Hodeida, and the mercenaries targeted, with artillery shelling and intensive combing with light and medium calibers, Hodeidah airport and its adjacent areas, and residential areas south of the city.

The mercenaries bombed with mortars and missiles directed at the Al-Ittihad, Al-Waheen and City Max hotels, and other residential neighborhoods on Al-Khamseen Street in the city of Hodeida.

On May 26, 2020, a child was injured by Saudi artillery shelling on separate areas in the Shada district of Sa’ada governorate, while the warplanes launched three raids on the Al-Faraa area in the border district of Kitaf.

The aggression warplanes launched ten raids on the districts of Serwah, Madghal and Majzar in Marib Governorate, causing damage to citizens’ property.

The mercenaries bombed with a number of mortar shells and 18 artillery shells the villages of Al-Zafaran and Al-Sharfin in Kilo 16 in the Al-Durayhimi district of Hodeida governorate, and they also targeted with more than 20 artillery shells east of the city of Al-Durayhimi and the Al-Jah area in the Beit Al-Faqih district.

On this day in the year 2021, a citizen was injured by Saudi border guard fire in the Al-Raqo area of the border district of Munabbih Governorate, Sa’ada Governorate, and the aggression warplanes launched eight raids on the Serwah district in Marib Governorate, and a raid on Al-Hazm district in Jawf Governorate.

The mercenaries of the aggression targeted, with 85 artillery shells and various gunshots, many areas in Hodeida Governorate.

On May 26, 2022, the spy planes of the aggression launched six attacks on the Hays district in Al Hodeida governorate, while the mercenaries bombed separate areas in the governorate with artillery and gunshots.

Armed reconnaissance aircraft also launched five raids on the Al-Barah and Al-Qasr districts in Taiz governorate, and the Muris district in Al-Dhalea governorate.

The mercenaries of the aggression created combat fortifications in the vicinity of the city of Marib, Al-Malaheedh and Tabat Kadhem in Razih, Sa’ada Governorate, Al-Tina in Hayran District, Hajjah Governorate, Wadi Jarah and South Azran in Jizan.

The mercenaries targeted, with two Katyusha missiles, Al-Tina area in Hajjah governorate, and with artillery shelling, Al-Rawdah area in Marib governorate, Bab Ghalaq in Al-Dhalea governorate, Al-Mazraq in Hajjah governorate, and Wadi Jarah in Jizan.

The mercenaries shelled with artillery and tank shells, Al-Musina’a and Al-Mirbash in the Razih district, and Al-Shabaka in the Al-Madafin and Jabal Kadhem area in Al-Malaheedh in Sa’ada governorate. They also opened fire on citizens’ homes and separate areas in the governorates of Marib, Sa’ada, Hajjah, Taiz, Al-Dhalea, and fronts beyond the borders.

Source: Yemen News Agency

GCC Secretariat General Celebrates 42nd GCC Founding Anniversary

The Secretariat General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) celebrated the 42nd anniversary of the Council founding, at its headquarters in Riyadh.

This celebration comes to express pride in the Council’s march and the many achievements it has made over the past 42 years.

In this context, HE GCC Secretary-General Jassim Muhammad Al Budaiwi affirmed the various achievements made by the blessed journey of the GCC since its establishment on May 25, 1981, especially with regard to achieving the aspirations of the citizens of the GCC countries, and access to more integration and interdependence between the member states in the various fields of joint Gulf action, in addition to the support and great care enjoyed by Secretariat General, its organs and employees, as the leaders believe in their role in strengthening the process of joint Gulf action.

Al Budaiwi said in his speech during the ceremony that the blessed journey of the GCC witnessed unprecedented achievements and great competitive indicators, and it established strong fraternal relations among the GCC countries, under the generous directives and wise vision of Their Majesties and Highnesses, the leaders of the GCC states, through 43 regular summits, four extraordinary summits, 17 consultative summits, and eight joint summits, the outcome of which was the realization of many achievements that support the integration of joint Gulf action in various political, economic, defense, security, social, humanitarian and environmental fields, pointing to the integration achieved by the Council in various fields, as it is considered one of the strongest regional organizations in the world, and the most interdependent and harmonious among its member states.

In a related context, HE Director of the GCC Affairs Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Abdullah bin Saif Al Mansouri, said in remarks to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the anniversary of the founding of the Council reminds us of the aspirations and goals of the founding leaders towards integration and solidarity under the umbrella and the inclusive Gulf house, and our hopes are pinned on the leaders of the GCC countries towards strengthening joint Gulf action, and achieving what achieves the common interests of our countries and peoples.

He pointed out that the Cooperation Council has proven to the world the solidity of cooperation and solidarity between its countries since its establishment until the present time, despite the various circumstances it has gone through, noting the role of the State of Qatar in achieving the interests of the Cooperation Council and contributing to its progress and prosperity.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Qatari Newspapers Editorials -1-

In the same context, Al-Watan newspaper said that numerous warnings have been issued by various international organizations about the worsening conditions in Gaza Strip as a result of the continuous aggression by the Israeli occupation army. The Arab League has warned of the continued dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, emphasizing that it will lead to boundless suffering. It confirmed that Gaza Strip is experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe due to the dangerous escalation by the Israeli occupation, which has now entered its 17th consecutive day. This is happening amidst power, water, and fuel shortages, as well as the prevention of humanitarian aid from reaching civilians.

In its editorial titled “Catastrophic Situation”, Al-Watan said that Gaza is currently experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe that could lead to a genocide. This is something that the Israeli entity has been striving for, as it imposed a complete blockade on the Gaza Strip since October 7. Estimates from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) indicate that death rates in Gaza, excluding casualties in the context of hostilities, are on the rise due to limited access to essential healthcare services, the newspaper noted.

Al-Watan concluded by emphasizing the necessity for the international community to assume its responsibilities in immediately halting the war on Gaza and the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. It also stressed the importance of allowing the flow of life-saving supplies, medical necessities, and medicines, especially since the military attacks and indiscriminate shelling in all neighborhoods of Gaza constitute a blatant violation of international law, international humanitarian law, and the Fourth Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilians, which affected hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, and residential buildings.

In another context, under the title “Facilitating the Employment of Qatari Youth,” Al-Raya newspaper said in its editorial that the issue of employment ranks among the top priorities of the state. To this end, numerous initiatives have been introduced to facilitate the employment of Qatari youth who are seeking jobs in line with their qualifications and capabilities. This is aimed at harnessing their potential for achieving sustainable development in the country and supporting national efforts in filling particularly leadership positions, by creating opportunities for Qatari youth to serve their nation and channel their creative energies towards the advancement of Qatar.

The newspaper highlighted a joint report issued by the Ministry of Labor and the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau, revealing employment statistics in both public and private sectors for the third quarter of 2023, totaling 1,849 jobs. This represents more than double the number of jobs available in the second quarter. It underscores the diligent efforts made by the state through various entities in both the public and private sectors to pave multiple career paths for citizens, empower them to pursue their professional ambitions, achieve job and societal security and support the economic empowerment of our youth. This is accomplished by providing them with a dignified life through employment and directing their creative energies towards serving the nation and building its future.

The State of Qatar has the right to be proud of the small unemployment numbers among Qatari men and women, through creative initiatives to find jobs for them, not only in the public sector, but also in the private sector, as part of the states plans to nationalize jobs, Al-Raya added.

The platform has witnessed various improvements that have positively impacted the experience of job seekers. One of the most prominent improvements is the inclusion of a feature that allows users to select their preferred sector of employment, whether government, private, or both. Additionally, several technical enhancements have been made to provide a better user experience. The digital interaction allows job seekers to follow the recruitment process or appointment to a job without interference from any party, the paper said.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Qatari Newspapers Editorials

Doha, Qatari newspapers highlighted in their editorials Monday highlighted the efforts exerted by the State of Qatar to ensure delivery of urgent aid to the brothers in Gaza Strip, as the brutal Israeli aggression enters its 17th day.

The Qatari dailies emphasized Qatar’s endeavors through all its diplomatic contacts to ensure access of humanitarian aid convoys into the Strip, and the work for halting escalation and reaching a peaceful solution.

The papers noted that Qatar allocated 124 tons of urgent medical and food aid to the Palestinian brothers, of which only 37 tons entered the Strip. In addition, two Qatari Armed Forces planes arrived at Al-Arish airport carrying 87 tons of medical and food aid.

English newspaper The Peninsula said the participation of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani in the Cairo Peace Summit shows the stance of Qatar in supporting the Palestinian cause and keeping it at the top of its priorities.

In its editorial titled “Plight of Palestinians”, The Peninsula noted that since the early days of the Palestinian issue over 70 years ago, it has been a major concern in the hearts and minds of the people of Qatar. Qatar has raised this issue on all international platforms and dedicated political, financial and moral support to the Palestinian people. The country has supported the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians, including their right to establish a state on their land with east Jerusalem as its capital.

The paper referred to the Palestinian Foreign Ministry’s warning of the dangers of any political schemes that are being planned in order to liquidate the Palestinian cause and their rights. The ministry denounced the genocide that the Israeli occupation air forces are committing in the Gaza Strip, including the use of internationally prohibited weapons, deepening the humanitarian catastrophe.

Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres has emphasized that the grievances of the Palestinian people are legitimate and longstanding and that the context of these tragic events cannot be ignored within the longstanding conflict and 56 years of occupation with no end in sight. He called for respect of international humanitarian laws, including the Geneva Conventions, which includes the protection of civilians, and not attacking hospitals, schools, and UN facilities that currently shelter half a million people, The Peninsula added.

Under the headline “Gaza Relief is a Humanitarian Duty”, Al-Sharq newspaper said that the State of Qatar has allocated 124 tons of urgent medical and food aid to the Palestinian brothers in Gaza Strip, 37 tons of which entered the Gaza Strip, in addition to two Qatari Armed Forces planes which arrived in Al-Arish carrying 87 tons of medical and food aid, within the framework of the country’s support for the brotherly Palestinian people in the difficult humanitarian conditions caused by the continuous Israeli bombing of Gaza Strip.

Al-Sharq called on the international community to assume its responsibilities to ensure an immediate end to the war on Gaza Strip which is experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian tragedy, and to allow the flow of supplies, medical needs and medicines. It also called on international parties to condemn the indiscriminate bombing by the occupation, which represents a flagrant violation of international law, international humanitarian law, and the Geneva Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

The occupation’s heinous war crime affected hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, residential buildings, and humanitarian relief corridors. It is dangerous for the international community to accept targeting health centers and relief corridors, and it is even more dangerous for these crimes to continue without urgent intervention, Al-Sharq stressed. (MORE)

Source: Qatar News Agency

The Minister of Oil reveals the most important topics that were discussed in Saudi Arabia

The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Minister of Oil, Hayan Abdul-Ghani, revealed the most important axes and projects that were discussed by the Energy and Transformational Industries Committee during the fifth session of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council in Jeddah.

The Minister said, according to a statement by the Ministry of Oil, that it was agreed with the Saudi side to establish a database of geological survey information and mining data, in addition to studying participation and investment by Saudi companies concerned in developing the Akkas gas field in Anbar Governorate, and in the Nibras al-Sharq petrochemical project.

On cooperation in the electricity sector and joint interconnection, Abdul-Ghani indicated moving forward in joint work to implement the Saudi-Iraqi electrical interconnection project, in addition to discussing the possibility of establishing a station to generate electricity from solar energy, and joint work to establish specialized industrial cities.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Minister of Oil expressed the Iraqi side’s welcome to the participation of Saudi companies specialized in the field of developing oil fields and sites and investing in gas within the fifth licensing rounds (+5) that were launched earlier this month, and the sixth round, to be launched during the coming period.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Al-Hakim stresses the importance of the role of the Popular Mobilization in the Iraqi defense system

The head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, stressed the importance of the role of the Popular Mobilization Forces in the Iraqi defense system, and its preservation and protection.

A statement by his office stated: “Al-Hakim arrived in the city of Amerli and met with the leadership of the northern axis of the Popular Mobilization Forces, headed by the fighter Hajj Abu Reda al-Najjar and the commanders of the brigades, regiments and ranks.”

Al-Hakim stressed the importance of the role of the popular crowd in the Iraqi defense system. He stressed the necessity of preserving and protecting it, and the importance of the cooperation of the Popular Mobilization Units with the regions and clans.

He also stressed the urgent need to sustain the momentum of mobilization, training, raising readiness and preemptive operations to strike terrorism and its remnants, explaining: “The security challenge requires security strategies that take into account the social reality in the sectors of operations.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Seizure of dangerous chemicals in the Southern Umm Qasr customs office

The Southern Umm Qasr customs office seized (6) violating containers, including dangerous chemicals.

A statement by the General Authority of Customs stated today, Friday: “The detachments of the Southern Umm Qasr Customs Center seized (5) containers (hazardous chemicals) and one container (new women’s clothing) in violation of the applicable import conditions and controls.”

The statement added: “The control process was carried out through cooperation with the relevant authorities in the port and with the support of the customs police.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

The Army Chief of Staff discusses with his French counterpart by telephone military cooperation

The Army Chief of Staff, General Abdul Amir Rashid Yarallah, received a phone call from his French counterpart, General Thierry Burkar.

A statement by the Ministry of Defense stated that: “During the call, aspects of military cooperation and support for the security forces in combating ISIS terrorist gangs were discussed at the level of training, armament and expertise.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency