‘Large’ stock of foodstuffs available in local market-JCC

Amman: Representative of the Food Sector at Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC), Jamal Amro, affirmed availability of a “large” stock of basic foodstuffs sufficient for “long periods, amid a decline in prices and sales, as supply operations continue.

In remarks to “Petra,” Amro said: “We have a large strategic stock of basic foodstuffs that citizens need stored in warehouses of companies and merchants, due to the increase in import quantities and the decline in sales volume in the local market.”

Importers and traders have made “great” efforts since the beginning of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and crisis in the Red Sea region to provide a “large” stock of foodstuffs in the local market and maintain continuity of import operations, despite the high costs, especially related to sea freight charges, he pointed out.

Additionally, Amro noted Red Sea crisis affected the Kingdom’s food imports coming from Thailand, Vietnam and China, while imports from European Union countries and the United States were not
affected because they come through Mediterranean ports.

Meanwhile, Amro stated that the Kingdom’s food imports from India are currently transported directly on small ships from the port of Mundra to Aqaba, which has been reflected in shipping fees.

Since the beginning of 2024, Amro pointed out that purchasing power in the local market went down affected by consequences of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, change in the citizens’ consumption patterns and weakness of their purchasing power.

Amro indicated that last Ramadan season saw the least rate of consumption, compared to previous months.

To worsen the situation, Amro noted decline in Jordan’s tourism activity and the drop in the number of tourists had a “clear” impact on sales, commercial activity, and demand for foodstuffs and related sectors.

Amro hoped that the markets would be active with the return of Jordanian expatriates abroad to spend summer vacation.

According to Amro, monitoring by the JJCC showed a decline in average sales at major commerci
al companies operating in the sector by between 35% and 45%, depending on the nature of the facility.

Source: Jordan News Agency

FM receives phone call from U.S. counterpart over Gaza

Amman: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Ayman Safadi, received a phone call from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday evening.

During the call, the two ministers discussed the efforts made to reach a ceasefire immediately, bring immediate and sufficient aid into Gaza Strip, and agree on an exchange deal through negotiations conducted through Egyptian, Qatari and U.S. efforts.

Safadi reaffirmed the necessity of stopping the aggression against Gaza and ending the ensuing humanitarian catastrophe immediately, opening all crossings to deliver aid, enable United Nations organizations to distribute assistance and obligate Israel to respect international law and international humanitarian law.

Blinken briefed Safadi on the proposal announced by US President Joe Biden, Friday, to complete an exchange deal mediated by the U.S., Egypt and Qatar.

Safadi stressed that Jordan supports the efforts made by Egypt, Qatar and the U.S. to reach an exchange deal as quickly as p

Additionally, he stressed the need to deal “seriously” with every proposal that achieves a permanent ceasefire, ends the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza, and ensures return of the displaced to their areas and withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from Gaza.

In press statements aired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Safadi said Jordan will continue to work with Arab countries and partners in the international community to stop the aggression “immediately,” and deliver all the aid needed by the brotherly Palestinian people in Gaza.

Safadi added that this Jordanian endeavor also aims to launch a plan with “specific” timetable and “full” guarantees to implement the two-state solution, which embodies an independent, sovereign Palestinian state with occupied Jerusalem as its capital, on June 4, 1967 lines.

Safadi urged the international community to move “immediately” to stop the aggression and massacres committed by the occupation forces against the Palestinian people,
stop using starvation as a weapon, obligate Israel to respect international law and international humanitarian law, and implement decisions of the Security Council, the United Nations General Assembly and the International Court of Justice.

In this context, Safadi stressed that Jordan supports efforts to reach an exchange deal and stresses importance of Egyptian, Qatari and American efforts.

Safadi called on the international community to take a “clear” position that rejects Israel’s policy of taking all Gaza residents as hostage, and linking cessation of the Israeli war crimes, including starvation and siege, to the truce deal.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Emir of Kuwait appoints Crown Prince

Amman: Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Emir of Kuwait, issued an Amiri decree recommending Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah as Crown Prince, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported on Saturday.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Jordan Volleyball Federation to start treating Palestinian players as locals

Amman: The Jordan Volleyball Federation (JVF) has decided to allow Palestinian players to participate in local tournaments organized by the JVF without conditions and to treat them as local players, starting from the 2024 season.

The JVF’s general assembly praised this decision, lauding His Majesty King Abdullah’s great role in supporting the Palestinian brothers to achieve their just and legitimate rights and support their steadfastness.

The decision was taken during the JVF’s general assembly meeting, which was held on Saturday at the Princess Sumaya Hall in Al-Hussein Youth City.

Jihad Qutaishat, JVF’s Vice President, emphasized that the decision was taken as per the directives of the JVF President, HRH Princess Aya bint Faisal, in light of the difficult circumstances the sports movement in Palestine is facing that hinder the participation of Palestinian players in sports events due to the brutal aggression against the Palestinian territories.

“Coordination was made with the Palestinian Federation in t
his regard, as local clubs, whether they play in the Premier League, or clubs that play in the First Division, are allowed to bring in one player without condition and treat him fully like any Jordanian player,” Qutaishat said.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Israel launches several airstrikes on southern Lebanon

Beirut: Seven people were injured in an airstrike carried out by Israeli warplanes on the southern Lebanese town of Siddiqin on Saturday.

A Lebanese security source told the correspondent of the Jordan news agency (Petra) in Beirut that “among the wounded are serious injuries, an airstrike were also launched against the town of Qantara targeting a house; and another airstrike was launched by an Israeli drone on the outskirts of the town of Srifa – Deir Kifa without causing casualties or damage to many houses and buildings.”

The source continued, “The Israeli army targeted with phosphorus the town of Al-Adaysa in Marjayoun district.

Source: Jordan News Agency

French authorities cancel Israeli companies’ participation in defense exhibition

Amman: French authorities have decided to cancel the participation of Israeli military industry companies in an international defense and security exhibition on June 17 near Paris.

According to AFP, the organizer of Eurosatory, an international land defense and security exhibition, revealed that, by decision of the French authorities, the participation of Israeli military industry companies in the exhibition has been canceled.

“By decision of the government authorities, there will be no exhibition pavilion for the Israeli military industry sector at Eurosatory 2024,” organizer Cog Events told AFP, without further details.

Neither the organizer nor the Ministry of Armed Forces, under whose auspices the show is organized, immediately specified the reasons for this decision.

More than 2,000 companies registered for the show, 74 Israeli companies of which were expected to attend, including its main defense industry companies, 10 of which are expected to display weapons, according to organizers.

Source: Jord
an News Agency

Value of Zarqa’s commercial exports exceeds JD38 million in May

Zarqa: The value of Zarqa’s commercial exports (re-exports) reached JD38.7 million in May, as 596 certificates of origin were issued according to the statistics of the Chamber of Commerce and its office in the free zone in Zarqa, said Hussein Shreim, head of Zarqa Chamber of Commerce.

Shreim pointed out that cars and their accessories constituted the majority of Zarqa’s commercial exports for May, in addition to building materials and health tools, medicines and their supplies, foodstuffs, clothing and jewelry, electrical and electronic devices, home and office furniture, and stationery.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Significant rise in temperature, hot, dry daylight hours expected as of Sunday

Amman: Temperatures on Sunday will rise significantly in contrast to the mild weather that the Kingdom is experiencing these days, said Director of the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD), Raed Al Khattab.

Al Khattab explained that a hot and dry air mass, pushed from the Arabian Peninsula due to the effect of a surface thermal depression starting Sunday, leading to an increase in temperatures in all regions of the Kingdom, and the effect of this mass is accompanied by dry southeast winds.

The weather is expected to be hot in most regions for several days, and the maximum temperatures with the peak of the impact of the hot air mass on Monday, to record above their rates by about (6-8) degrees, while the maximum expected temperatures in Amman to reach around 39 degrees Celsius and 36 degrees Celsius in the mountains, and 40 degrees Celsius in the Badia, Jordan Valley and Aqaba.

Analyses of global numerical models for the summer of 2024 indicate that the summer of this year will be hot and dry with long ho
urs of daylight and a probability of exceeding 70 percent during the summer months, June, July, and August, which requires taking precautions to against the sun, especially during peak hours.

Source: Jordan News Agency

PM attends University of Jordan’s Honorary Professors Forum, 4th, final add

Amman: The University of Jordan also looks forward to the forum’s contribution to providing a platform to discuss pressing global educational issues such as globalization and the internationalization of education and research, how to better prepare students for a globalized world, and promote international cooperation in education and scientific research between academic institutions, by bringing together scholars from different disciplines and adopting a comprehensive and integrated approach to solving these issues, noting that participating scholars from different countries can work together to promote peace and international understanding through scientific cooperation that represents a bridge between different cultures and promotes friendly relations between countries.

The forum is not just a scientific gathering, but a celebration of the human spirit that strives for excellence and progress, as the university recalls its academic reputation, establishes its leading values, and opens its doors wide to re
ceive bright minds and renewed ideas from around the world.

At the conclusion of the forum, the President of the University of Jordan honored the Prime Minister for the government’s continuous support for the university, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Azmi Mahaftha for the ministry’s prominent role in the university’s progress and prosperity, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Adnan Badran for his important and essential role in setting the university’s strategy and formulating its policies.

The professors participating in the forum received honorary shields from the President of the University of Jordan for their important role in advancing scientific research at the university, helping it to improve its global ranking, and advancing scientific production at all levels.

The forum was attended by all educational affairs stakeholders in Jordan, experts, specialists, educational leaders, and a number of ambassadors and cultural attachés.

Source: Jordan News Agency

PM attends University of Jordan’s Honorary Professors Forum, 3rd add

Raed Dweik: Head of the Department of Pulmonology at the Cleveland Clinic, delivered a speech on behalf of the members of the Honorary Professors Forum, in which he expressed his thanks to the University of Jordan for this initiative, which would provide an opportunity to share experiences and exchange between academics and academic institutions and raise the level of education and scientific research.

About 60 scientists from the world’s most prestigious universities participated in this event, who were awarded the title of honorary professor for their outstanding and distinguished contributions in their academic or research fields, which constituted a historical turning point for the University of Jordan, given its great importance on many academic, research, technological and social levels.

The university aims to establish a scientific platform for the exchange of experiences, knowledge and ideas between scientists from different fields, disciplines, countries and cultures; an exchange that can lead to n
ew discoveries and promote common scientific understanding, in an effort to encourage entrepreneurship and industrial participation and explore the benefits and challenges of forming partnerships between higher education institutions and industry, including opportunities for research cooperation, training programs and technology transfer initiatives.

The UJ hopes that the forum will serve as a catalyst to support collaboration efforts by providing opportunities to build international cooperation in joint research projects, contributing to overcoming global and new challenges in higher education, discussing innovation in teaching and learning methods, and the role of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in shaping the future of higher education and building the skills and leadership competencies of current and aspiring educational leaders.

Source: Jordan News Agency

PM attends University of Jordan’s Honorary Professors Forum, 2nd add

Natheer Obeidat, President of the University of Jordan, said that universities are no longer able to keep up with reality, so it was necessary for them to reconsider their programs so that students do not get lost between their knowledge tools and what employers want, as they have lost some of their patience and are waiting for universities to produce tools ready to work immediately, and we do not blame them for that.

Obeidat emphasized that the world has changed and is witnessing geopolitical fluctuations that are no longer understandable in many situations and locations, where killing, destruction, and starvation sometimes entered the list of permissible activities as long as they served the goals.

Obeidat added that the University of Jordan today puts its programs on the table to turn their pages, and for this, it held the first forum for honorary professors to share their ideas and experiences, so that our programs are able to reshape the student to be a human being and a worker capable of creativity, i
nnovation, and production.

Obeidat called on university professors and school teachers to change in order to remain effective and able to survive, pointing out that in order to meet the challenges of the future, the university implemented the largest secondment program in its history, and prepared its infrastructure through an ambitious program to modernize its halls to become smart and able to keep pace with change.

Obeidat commended the continuous support of the Prime Ministry and members of the government for the University of Jordan, expressing his thanks and gratitude for supporting the UJ’s march and drive its development, as they have played a prominent role in taking difficult situations, drawing strength and determination from His Majesty the King and his Crown Prince.

He pointed out that the university could not but strive to summarize a history of the patience of Jordanians and their passion for science and knowledge, and Al Hussein’s belief that an educated and belonging human being is the best
thing we have, describing it as a dream that became a reality, an impregnable Jordanian fortress, and its name has become known globally as one of the best universities as confirmed by all five international rankings.

Obeidat expressed his pride in the meeting of beauty, science and thought with the people of politics, adding that beauty is represented by the colors and smell of the university’s campus and memories of its students and graduates, and majesty is represented by the people of science and thought, pointing out the importance of the role and presence of the honorary professors.

Source: Jordan News Agency

PM attends University of Jordan’s Honorary Professors Forum, 1st add

“We are aware that our world is changing rapidly, which makes it imperative for our universities to prepare their tools and realize that university education must change; yesterday’s programs are no longer suitable for today’s students, teaching methods must touch the needs of today’s children, and today’s graduates must be closer to the labor market and meet the requirements of employers,” the premier pointed out.

“We realize that the technological revolution is casting its shadow on education in general, and university education in particular, and this makes it imperative for our universities to work to meet this challenge; reconsidering the campus and infrastructure to be able to keep pace with the technological revolution,” he further added

He expressed his hope that Jordanian universities will reconsider their programs, and that technical education would be part of all university education – as directed by His Majesty King Abdullah II – and that the gap between technical education and academic educatio
n must be bridged, and technical and vocational education must be part of education, “so that the gap between academic output and market needs does not persist.”

The prime minister emphasized that the government will spare no effort in helping everyone to have an education capable of preparing a generation of graduates to compete in the internal and external labor market, and universities capable of providing an environment focused on applied scientific research capable of producing knowledge that leads to sustainable development and addressing environmental and climate change issues, among others.

Khasawneh thanked the University of Jordan and its administration for this kind and constructive initiative represented by the Honorary Professors Forum.

Source: Jordan News Agency