Amran .. Protest on anniversary of aggression targeting Syndicate of Teaching Professions

The Education Office in Amran province organized on Saturday a protest on the eighth anniversary of the crime of targeting the aggression coalition, the headquarters of the Education Professions Union in the province, which killed 18 martyrs of educational leaders.

In the vigil, the director of the education office in the governorate, Zaid Ratas, indicated that the organization of the vigil in front of the rubble of the headquarters of the Syndicate of Teaching Professions, which was targeted by the aggression, is an affirmation that the crime will not fall under the statute of limitations, and that the Yemenis are continuing in the footsteps of the martyrs until victory is achieved for Yemen.

He considered the aggression countries’ targeting of teachers while arranging for exams on August 18, 2015, a war crime added to the series of crimes and atrocities committed by the aggression coalition against the Yemeni people over the past eight years.

He pointed out the need to pay attention to the families of the martyrs and provide them with full care. In gratitude for the sacrifices of the martyrs in defending the homeland.

A statement issued by the vigil confirmed that whoever killed educators with his missiles and destroyed educational facilities is the one who is fighting the educational process today by cutting salaries.

He pointed out that the aggression tried, by targeting schools and educational facilities, to stop education in Yemen, but the steadfastness of educational and educational cadres in the field of work thwarted those plans.

Source: Yemen News Agency