A suspect arrested after he burned citizens’ vehicles and blew up their houses with hand grenades in Diwaniyah

Detachments of the Intelligence Agency in Diwaniyah arrested a suspect after he burned citizens’ vehicles and blew up their houses with hand grenades, the last of which was the attack on a government employee.

A statement by the Agency stated that the intelligence Agency’s detachments in Diwaniyah governorate received appeals through social media, demanding the arrest of an outlaw who caused a breach of the security of the governorate and assaulted citizens and public and private property.

He added that the accused confessed explicitly to many incidents, including blowing up citizens’ vehicles and assaulting their homes with hand grenades, the last of which was the assault on a government employee in the Postal Department. His statements were recorded and referred to the concerned authorities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

In the video, a gang was arrested for stealing motorcycles and mobile phones and promoting and possessing drugs in Najaf

The official media Spokesman for the Najaf Police, Brigadier General Miqdad Al-Moussawi, announced the arrest of a professional gang for stealing motorcycles and mobile phones and promoting and possessing drugs.

Al-Moussawi indicated that the gang uses modern technical devices and drones to promote, possess and sell drugs.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

EU warns of food shortage in the world due to non-extension of Grain Deal

The European Union Thursday warned of shortage of food around the world after Russiaآ’s withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

“If this grain is not only stopped but also destroyed, it means that there will be a shortage of food, of grain in the world,” EU High Representative Josep Borrell told reporters ahead of a formal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels today.

“But at this moment, and for the third night, Russia bombs and destroys all of the port infrastructure in Odesa and the storages of grain, more than 60,000 tons of grain has been burned,” he said.

Borrell said they will discuss the issue with Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro] Kuleba who will join the EU foreign ministers via video link.

Further, he said said the ministers will also discuss his plan to ensure the financial support for Ukraine in the next years, adding that it will be an important amount of money.

The 27-EU foreign ministers will also discuss relations with China and Turkey and hold a vide-conference with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

The Foreign Minister directs to approach the Permanent Representative of Iraq in Jeddah to renew Iraq’s request to hold an emergency meeting of the OIC

Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein instructed the permanent representation of Iraq in Jeddah to renew Iraq’s request to hold an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to study the recurrence of insulting the Holy Quran.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Al-Sahhaf, said in a statement: The Minister of Foreign Affairs directed to send a memorandum to the Arab League on the developments of the incident of insulting the Holy Quran.

He stressed that the governmental measures regarding the incident of burning the Holy Qur’an come within the framework of respecting the monotheistic religions.

He explained that urgent diplomatic procedures began to withdraw our Embassy from Stockholm and activate the departure of the Swedish ambassador from Baghdad.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Chinese Spacecraft Shenzhou-16 Crew to Do Extravehicular Activities

The Shenzhou-16 crew members, who are currently on board China’s space station, will conduct their first extravehicular activities (EVAs) within the next few days, the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) announced.

They have been in orbit for 51 days since they entered the space station combination on May 30, the CMSA said.

The crew has carried out a series of space science experiments in fields like life ecology and micro-gravity environment physics and completed the installation of the device for space-radiation biology exposure experiments on the Mengtian lab module as well as the gas cylinders of the space station electric propulsion system.

According to the CMSA, the radiation biology exposure experiment is significant for ensuring astronauts’ long-term healthy stay in orbit and promoting China’s crewed lunar landing plans.

With the installation of gas cylinders in the electric propulsion system in orbit, it is the first time using the “gas exchange” method to complete the replenishment of electric propellants for long-term orbit maintenance of the space station and make its operation more economical and efficient.

The manned spaceship Shenzhou-16 was launched last May 30 on a five-month mission, it is the second space mission of the Chinese manned space program this year, and the first manned mission after the Chinese space station entered the implementation and development phase.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Kuwait Teachers Society 60 year anniv.

Since the establishment of Kuwait Teachers Society (KTS), 60 years ago, it has been the beating heart of teachers and the education process, as well as the right arm of the Ministry of Education in Kuwait. On the society’s 60 year anniversary, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) has reviewed KTS visions and strategies to achieve its national goals, especially regarding providing better services and care teachers.

In this context, the society’s Chairman Hamad Al-Holi said that the Kuwait Teachers Society went through different historical phases that directly influenced the education process in Kuwait, most notably the Iraqi invasion 1990 where education stopped for about a year and resumed after, adding that COVID-19 epidemic was another challenge that the education process faced.

He said that KTS, as an entity for those entrusted with implementing the educational process in the country, history records its national, educational and societal role in contributing to dealing with the repercussions of COVID-19 in different governmental authorities, such as supporting the National Assembly’s decisions, ensuring the continuation of online education while taking in consideration the students’ safety.

After the epidemic, the Teachers Society launched “Education After Pandemic Initiative”, aimed at supporting decision makers to reform education and make sure it continues in case of any future events that might prevent teachers and students to go to school.

KTS was keen to collaborate with academics and educational experts, and to hold interviews broadcasted live on social media during the pandemic, such as the Ministry of Education and Kuwait Teachers Society role in developing teachers’ competence presented by Dr. Ghazi Al-Rashedi, an interview on educational applications by DR. Abdullah Al-Failakawi, another about family and its role in the education by Dr. Ebrahim Al-Khlaifi and so many others.

The society’s Secretary Dr. Saad Al-Janfawi said that KTS has been the legitimate representative for male and female teachers before different authorities in the country to defend their educational issues, especially as it represents them officially in the education committee of the National Assembly. Al-Janfawi added that the association, in cooperation with the Community Service and Continuing Education Center at Kuwait University, with the aim of refining the experiences and skills of teachers and students, has established a training and development center that provides academic and educational consultations, along with establishing Leadership Preparation Academy.

Member of the Board of Directors Nadia Al-Rubaian said to KUNA that KTS was distinguished by its remedial classes, the quality and competence of the teachers who work to raise the students’ capabilities.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Ministry of Culture Discusses Mechanisms for Developing, Promoting Theatrical Work

The Culture and Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture discussed on Thursday the mechanism of developing the theatrical working and promoting it in a meeting with chairpersons of boards of directors, representatives of theater groups, and a representative of the Theater Affairs Center.

The meeting, held at the Ministry’s headquarters, comes within the framework of efforts to promote cultural work and the cultural economy and to discover talents, especially Qatari ones.

Director of the Culture and Arts Department at the Ministry of Culture Mariam Yassin Al Hammadi said that culture is an essential drive for development and the economy in itself, so it is necessary to invest in the cultural field in the private sector, where cultural work grows with the participation and adoption of a supportive cultural environment by everyone.

She stressed the need for participatory action by everyone by involving creators in various fields, indicating that culture should have the space and the supportive environment for its growth in all state institutions.

The Director of the Culture and Arts Department added that it is necessary to adopt culture as a lifestyle that reaches all segments of society to bring about positive effects, in addition to the importance of empowering the cultural sector by supporting small and medium projects, which contributes to the economic growth of national and local culture.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Kuwait’s June trade surplus with Japan down 33.4 Pct

Kuwait’s trade surplus with Japan narrowed 33.4 percent from a year earlier to JPY 67.9 billion (USD 487 million) in June, down for the third consecutive month due to weak exports, government data showed on Thursday.

But Kuwait stayed in black ink with Japan for 15 years and five months, as exports offset imports in value, the Finance Ministry said in a preliminary report.

Overall Kuwaiti exports to the world’s third-biggest economy plunged 22.7 percent year-on-year to JPY 93.0 billion (USD 667 million), down for the second straight month. Imports from Japan jumped 36.4 percent to JPY 25.1 billion (USD 180 million), up for the 14th month in a row.

Middle East’s trade surplus with Japan narrowed 47.8 percent to JPY 606.9 billion (USD 4.4 billion) last month, with Japan-bound exports from the region sliding 35.4 percent from a year earlier.

Crude oil, refined products, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other natural resources, which accounted for 94.7 percent of the region’s total exports to Japan, plunged 35.5 percent. The region’s overall imports from Japan jumped 30.0 percent on demand for automobiles and machinery.

Japan’s global trade balance returned to surplus for the first time in 23 months at JPY 43.0 billion (USD 300 million) in June, thanks to robust exports to the US and lower energy bills.

Exports increased 1.5 percent from the year before buoyed by shipments of automobiles, construction and mining machines, and semiconductor production equipment.

Imports shrank 12.9 percent as energy prices, especially crude oil, coal and LNG went declined. China remained Japan’s biggest trade partner, followed by the US. The trade data are measured on a customs-cleared basis before adjustment for seasonal factors.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Wheat prices rising for third consecutive day

Wheat prices rose Thursday for the third day in a row after Russia threatened to treat ships destined for Ukrainian ports as military cargo, deepening fears of a global food security crisis. Wheat futures were the most traded on the Chicago Stock Exchange, rising by 1.4 per cent, at 737.6 cents a bushel, recording the highest level in 3 weeks. According to CNBC, the increase in wheat prices comes after a jump of 8.5 per cent in the previous session, the largest daily gain in more than a year with the escalation of geopolitical tensions. Wheat prices are still below the peak levels of 1177.5 cents per bushel recorded in May 2022.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Qalqilya National Zoo gets a lion and two lionesses

The Qalqilya National Zoo today boosted its collection of animals with a lion and two lionesses. The director of the National Zoo, Moath Zaid, told WAFA that the northern West Bank city of Qalqilya added to the zoo an African lion born in 2018 and two lionesses of the rare white type born in 2020. He said the animals came from Hungary, noting that visitors will not be able to see the new animals immediately as they will need at least a week to coexist with the new habitat.

Source: En – Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA