Al-Murtada reveals aggression mercenaries obstruction in Marib prisoner’s file

Head of the National Committee for Prisoners Affairs, Abdulqadir Al-Murtada confirmed on Thursday that the mercenaries of Marib had rejected a presentation by the Committee; It included disclosure of Mohammed Qahtan’s fate in exchange for disclosure of a group of prisoners in their prisons.

In a tweet, Al-Murtada said: “We have been informed by the United Nations that the mercenary party of Marib rejected our offer to disclose the fate of Muhammad Qahtan in exchange for them disclosing a group of prisoners and detainees in their prisons; we gave them a revelation days ago “.

This indicates that “the mercenary’s goal is not so much to unravel Qahtan’s fate as to attempt to obstruct this humanitarian profile, and to thwart all efforts to complete the agreed exchanges”.

Source: Yemen News Agency