US singer performed at Israel-partnered Pop Kultur Berlin festival with ‘a heavy heart’

American singer-songwriter Xenia Rubinos performed at the Israel-back Berlin’s Pop Kultur Festival but she wasn’t pleased about this as she stated on her Twitter account.

The 37-year-old singer took it to her official Twitter page to post a statement announcing that she was unaware of the situation that the festival has financial ties to Israel, saying that she performed with a heavy heart because cancelling would leave her in a financial debt she can’t handle.

“It has just recently been brought to my attention that Pop Kultur Fest has financial ties to the state of Israel. I am horrified to learn that the festival has resumed this partnership, despite years of calls from artists, activists and the people of Palestine to divest from it,” she tweeted. “I was completely unaware of this situation until I was on my flight to begin this tour. At this juncture, canceling my performance would leave me in a financial debt I cannot handle so it is with a heavy heart I will take the stage to perform tonight.”

“I want to make it clear that I stand with the activists, artists and people of Palestine. I urge Pop Kultur Fest to amplify the voices of the activists in your own community and join me in condemning the human rights violations and systemic oppression being carried out by the state of Israel against the Palestinians,” she concluded.

A number of American, English and French singers have also withdrawn from the from Israel-partnered Pop Kultur Berlin festival due to the partnership with Berlin’s Cultural Department of the Israeli embassy.

American musical band Trustfall took it to Instagram to announce that they have been invited to the fesitval after gaining some clarity regarding Pop Kultur’s stance on the people of Palestine, they decided to withdraw from playing the festival.

Parisian musician Franky Gogo has cancelled his performance at the festival with reference to the BDS movement.

UK singer-songwriter Alewya also announced story via Instagram that she cancelled their performance as well, saying “Free Palestine. Every. F***ing. Day. Until it is done.”

Earlier, French singer Lafawndah has withdrawn from the from Israel-partnered Pop Kultur Berlin festival over its partnership with Israel, whom she called an “apartheid state.”

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA)

UK singer Roger Waters pays tribute to slain reporter Shireen Abu Akleh during concert

English rock musician Roger Waters, best known as bass player, co-lead vocalist, lyricist and principal songwriter in the rock band Pink Floyd, recently paid a tribute to slain Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh during concert in New York.

The 78-year-old songwriter and composer and former member of the English rock band Pink Floyd displayed Abu Akleh’s name across the concert’s backdrop along with words saying that her crime was “being Palestinian” and that her punishment was “death.”

On May 11, while covering an Israeli army assault in the northern occupied West Bank refugee camp of Jenin, Abu Akleh, 51, a Palestinian-American journalist from Jerusalem, who worked for al-Jazeera for over 25 years, covering the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, was murdered by a bullet to the head fired by an Israeli sniper.

Last week, Palestinians around the world marked 100 days since Abu Akleh’s killing

Waters has been vocally advocating for Palestinians and their rights and is known for his support for the BDS movement.

Source: Palestine News & Information Agency

Amnesty International calls for urgent release of Palestinian prisoner jailed as a child

JERUSALEM, Amnesty International Wednesday called for the urgent release of a Palestinian prisoner who has been jailed as a child.

“It is outrageous that the Israeli authorities have renewed Ahmad Manasra’s spell in solitary confinement,” Heba Morayef, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, said.

She made her remarks responding to the Israeli Prison Service’s (IPS) Wednesday decision to renew the solitary confinement of Ahmad Manasra, a Palestinian prisoner who has developed serious mental health problems since his arrest as a child seven years ago.

“Continuing to detain Ahmad Manasra in such inhumane conditions is a callous act of injustice. Ahmad has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is severely depressed,” she added.

The statement went on to explain that Manasra was just 13 years old when he was arrested. “The decision to detain him should always have been a measure of last resort and for the shortest possible time. Now, he is said to be a shadow of his former self and has threatened to take his own life. The Israeli authorities must immediately revoke their decision to renew his solitary confinement, and urgently release him from detention.” AI added.

On Wednesday, IPS rejected a request to move Manasra out of solitary confinement at Eshel prison. There will be a further hearing regarding his solitary conditions at Beersheba District Court on 16 August. His lawyer Khaled Zabarqa told Amnesty International: “He is in danger for his life, actual danger, and the repeated extensions of his solitary confinement are destroying him.”

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency

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Palestinian -American producer at Netflix describes Israel as a racist colonial state that practices apartheid

Palestinian-American Hala Gabriel, a production finance executive at the American TV and film production company (Netflix) described Israel as a racist colonial state that practices apartheid.

“The dangers are in supporting violent, racist, colonial apartheid practiced by the Zionist state of Israel, under the auspices and claim that Russians and Europeans may have had some presence in Palestine thousands of years ago. It’s outrageous at best and criminal at worst,” she said in a tweet.

In another tweet, Gabriel said that “Israel was founded on committing genocides and covering them up and twisting the facts. They continue the violation of Palestinian human rights in many forms until today. Amnesty defines Israel as practicing apartheid.”

In addition to her position at Netflix, Gabriel is a production supervisor and accountant for several major studios in Los Angeles, and California.

She is also the director and producer of an independent documentary called, “One Night at Tantura”, a film about the massacre that took place in the Palestinian village of Tantura in the Nakba (catastrophe) of 1948.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency (Wafa)

Azmi Bishara’s Palestine: Matters of Truth and Justice

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Over the past two decades, there has been a surge in the number of books on Palestine. Most fall under one of two categories: literature accounts that humanise Palestinians – and the conflict – through personal experiences, or scholarly endeavours revisiting the historiographical and political contentions of the Israeli-Palestinian situation. Crossovers are common and so are polemics. Very few of these books, however, can be described as paradigm-shifting. Azmi Bishara’s new book Palestine: Matters of Truth and Justice is one of the few works that pumps fresh blood into the history-political l… Continue reading “Azmi Bishara’s Palestine: Matters of Truth and Justice”

Two Palestinian students detained for listening to Arabic music at Israel’s Hebrew University campus

Two Palestinian students were briefly detained by an off duty policeman/student for listening to Arabic music at the Hebrew University campus in West Jerusalem and ordered not to come to campus for the next few days, today said the Israeli non-profit organization Ir Amim.

“Yesterday at the Hebrew University: two Palestinian students sat on campus and listened to music on the speaker. Suddenly a policeman came to them – who is not on duty, but a student at the university – and transferred them to investigation. The students were released but received an instruction not to come to the campus in the next few days,” said the organization, which focuses on living in Jerusalem.

“Authorities love to flaunt that over time, the number of Palestinian Jerusalem students studying at the Hebrew University is growing, but the university’s generous response tells a different story. The university should be a focus of learning and spreading knowledge – not of racist perceptions of students, police or not, on friends of the classroom,” it added, calling on the university “to stand behind the Palestinian students and announce unanimously that it does not receive unjustified arrests in the area.”

Source: Palestine News & Information Agency

We can’t dismiss celebrity repression on Palestine

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Controversy erupted once again after a public figure had dared to transgress and express even the mildest form of support for the most taboo of causes: Palestine. Vogue magazine made an Instagram post about Palestinian-American model Gigi Hadid’s intention to donate revenues from her fashion week appearances to humanitarian efforts for Ukrainians and Palestinians. Following a tantrum from the likes of StopAntisemitism.Org – who started levelling accusations of antisemitism and expressing anger at the preposterous suggestion that Palestinians may be humans deserving of aid – Vogue erased any me… Continue reading “We can’t dismiss celebrity repression on Palestine”

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Vogue slammed for ‘censoring’ Palestine from Gigi Hadid post

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The US edition of Vogue Magazine has come under fire for reportedly “censoring” the word Palestine from an Instagram post about Palestinian-American supermodel Gigi Hadid’s pledge to donate money to Palestinian and Ukrainian victims of war. Hadid had posted on Instagram that she would offer money made from modelling appearances to victims of conflict in Ukraine and the Palestinian territories. “I am pledging to donate my earnings from the Fall 2022 shows to aid those suffering from the war in Ukraine, as well as continuing to support those experiencing the same in Palestine,” Hadid wrote. “At … Continue reading “Vogue slammed for ‘censoring’ Palestine from Gigi Hadid post”

Gigi Hadid to donate entire fees for Fashion Week to Ukraine and Palestine

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Gigi Hadid is donating all of her earnings for Fashion Week to Ukraine and Palestine. The 26-year-old supermodel – whose father, Mohamed, is an Arab Palestinian – announced on Sunday (06.03.22) that she will be pledging the money she makes from her Fall 2022 shows to those suffering in both war-torn countries, after being inspired by fellow catwalk beauty Mica Arganaraz, 29. She wrote on Instagram: “Having a set Fashion Month schedule has meant that my colleagues and I often present new fashion collections during heartbreaking and traumatic times in history. We don’t have control over most of … Continue reading “Gigi Hadid to donate entire fees for Fashion Week to Ukraine and Palestine”