Foreign Ministry says world should prevent return of Israelis to evacuated West Bank settlements

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates today condemned the Israeli parliament’s, the Knesset, approval in the first reading of a draft law that calls for the cancellation of the so-called “Disengagement Law” that would allow Israelis to return to settlements evacuated in 2005 in the north of the West Bank, calling on the world to pressure Israel to prevent the enacting of this law.

‘Proceeding with steps to enact this legislation is a dangerous escalation in the conflict and a belittling of the efforts exerted to reduce tension and achieve calm,’ it said in a statement.

The Foreign Ministry called on the international community and the US administration to exert real pressure on the Israeli government to stop this process, stressing that Israel’s continued impunity pushes it to escalate its illegal unilateral steps and measures, which can lead to an explosion in conflict.

The Knesset last night approved in the first reading by 40 in favor and 17 against the amendment to the Disengagement Law, which provides for the possibility of the return of settlers to the areas of the northern West Bank evacuated in 2005. The aim of this proposal is to allow settlers to remain in the former Homesh settlement outpost vacated during the disengagement period.

The proposal will not apply to the territory of the Gaza Strip also evacuated in 2005.

Source: Palestine news & Information Agency