JERUSALEM, The Israeli District Court in Jerusalem today ordered the Governor of occupied East Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, be placed in an open-ended house arrest, according to attorney Rami Othman.

He told WAFA that the court did not specify a time period for the house arrest, which will continue until the next trial that could sentence him to time in prison.

Ghaith was detained on Monday at his home in Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem on charges of violating an order banning him from entering the West Bank.

In addition to the open house arrest, the court imposed on high bail of 25,000 shekels ($ 7500) on the governor and his family and friends who signed his bail.

This is not the first time Ghaith faces such a sentence since also in 2000, he was placed under house arrest for more than two years, after which he was tried with sentenced to actual imprisonment for more than a year and a half.

Ghaith was detained 35 times since he assumed his duties as Jerusalem governor in August 2018.

The Israeli government does not allow the Palestinian Authority to have any political or social activity in occupied East Jerusalem.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency

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