Jordanian companies to showcase at Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition in Dubai

Twenty Jordanian industrial firms specializing in packaging, cosmetics, branded products, and confectionery are poised to exhibit their capabilities at the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition, scheduled to commence in Dubai on Tuesday. In a statement, the Jordan Exporters Association (JEA) said that the 3-day exhibition will feature various sectors, including packaging, food industry machinery, private brands, confectionery, and snacks. The Jordanian pavilion will occupy a substantial area of 450 square meters. In addition, a separate pavilion is designated for the Amman Chamber of Industry to showcase the services it provides to the industrial sector, with the primary objective of promoting the Jordanian industrial landscape. The Association emphasized the need to expand support programs for participation in international exhibitions, recognizing them as vital international trade platforms that effectively promote the national industry and offer avenues to penetrate new markets. The JEA, established in 1988, has been instrumental in providing the necessary support to industrial exporters, and has consistently played a pivotal role in boosting their participation in specialized international exhibitions, thereby enabling them to promote their products on a global scale and expand their reach into new markets.

Source: Jordan News Agency