Jordan’s King: Our role will remain focused on defending the Palestinian cause

Jordan’s King Abdullah II affirmed today his country’s commitment to defending the Palestinian cause as a top priority for Jordan until an end of the Israeli occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

In his throne speech before the second ordinary session of the National Assembly, the Jordanian King said, “In compliance with our historical responsibility, which we bear with all honesty, we will continue our role in protecting and caring for Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, based on the Hashemite guardianship.”

He pointed out that the absence of a political horizon should not impede the delivery of economic support to the Palestinians in order to strengthen their steadfastness on their land and achieve their legitimate rights.

“Because we are the closest to them [Palestinians], we will strive to make them essential partners in regional projects. We do not accept their marginalization, and we reiterate that economic empowerment is not a substitute for a political solution,” he added.

Source: Palestine News and Information Agency