Madrid: Protesters demand freedom of Palestinian political prisoners

MADRID, Dozens of Palestinian expatriates and pro-Palestine activists demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy in Madrid on Saturday evening, demanding the immediate release of the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli detention.

In a statement distributed to the participants, the organizers urged the Spanish government and the European Union to press the Israeli occupation authorities to release the Palestinian prisoners, especially female and minor prisoners.

Over 4,500 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons have been facing an Israeli repressive campaign following the escape of the six Palestinian freedom fighters from Gilboa Prison on September 6. Four of the six prisoners have been caught last week, while the remaining two are still on the run.

Two weeks ago, in response to the Israeli crackdown, the prisoners set fire to detention cells inside the Israeli prisons of Ofer and Kzi’ot in protest against the Israeli measures, which included sending many prisoners to solitary confinement and restricting prisoners’ access to essential services.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency