X Launches New Feature Using AI to Summarize News

Washington: Social media platform ‘X’ has introduced a new feature that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to summarize news and trending stories within the platform.

According to a statement released by the company, the news and trending stories summaries will be available in the ‘For You’ section within the Explore tab.

The statement clarified that this new feature will not be accessible to all users. Instead, it will be exclusive to ‘X Premium’ subscribers and will initially be available on the X app for iOS and the web version.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Foreign Ministry sends team to provide consular services to Jordanian community in KSA’s Kobar

Amman: The Directorate of Operations and Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates announced that a consular team from the Embassy of Jordan in Riyadh will be in Khobar to provide consular services between May 8-9.

The consular team will be present in the Dammam Hall at the Hilton Garden Inn/Khobar between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

According to the Directorate, the consular services that will be provided will include Passport issuance and renewal transactions, public and private powers of attorney (POAs), document authentication, family document transactions, birth registration, and other consular services.

The Ministry’s Directorate of Operations and Consular Affairs said that in order to provide facilities to the Jordanian community, to know the procedures and documents required for each service, and to maximize the benefit of the consular team’s presence in the Eastern Province, please refer to the consular services cards and forms published on the Embassy’s website: https://mfa.
gov.jo/ar/embassy/riyadh or on the embassy’s social media accounts on X, Facebook or Instagram.

It added that in order to complete the largest number of passports, those who hold a smart civil status card are requested to submit passport renewal applications via the Civil Status and Passports Department website: https://eservices.cspd.gov.jo as soon as possible to get the approval electronically, to enable the team to complete the transaction of issuing the new passport on the same day.

Source: Jordan News Agency

JIB wins 2023 best Islamic bank in Jordan award

Amman: The Islamic Finance News (IFN) magazine announced that Jordan Islamic Bank (JIB) won the Best Islamic Bank in Jordan for 2023.

JIB was selected for this award due to the excellence of its services and products and its outstanding record of achievements and successes in the Jordanian and Islamic banking sectors.

The IFN, a Malaysian-based magazine, is one of the key international magazines specialized in the Islamic banking sector, and its awards are considered one of the most transparent and competitive global awards, as the evaluation of the awards is subject to strict criteria when voting directly to the readers of the magazine from investors, financial intermediaries, businessmen, and experts in the Islamic banking sector, from various sectors and the opinion of neutral parties, and the institutions and banks participating in the awards cannot vote for them.

JIB CEO Hussein Saeed, lauded the bank’s outstanding results that led it to receive recognition from Islamic Finance News, a magazine that h
ighlights successful Islamic financial institutions in their respective countries to serve as an example of how to achieve success. Since 2012, our bank has been receiving awards from this magazine in addition to many other international awards.

He stressed the constant keenness to achieve the bank’s future strategy against various challenges and maintaining the bank’s prestigious position and strong financial position and providing advanced products for various sectors that are compatible with the provisions and principles of Shari’ah.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Customs warns against pages claiming auctions via fake links,fraudulent messages

Amman: The Jordan Customs Department (JCD) warned recipients of its services and all citizens against pages claiming auctions through fake links posted on social media outlets or received from applications or other electronic programs, which aim to defraud citizens, steal data, and commit electronic fraud when accessing them.

In a statement on Saturday, the JCD called on citizens to ignore such pages and sites and to take news from its official sources of the JCD’s official websites and pages on various social media outlets and to ensure the authenticity of these links, their information, and their source because there are many fake pages, links, fake messages, and impersonators of functional personalities to deceive recipients that they are issued by the JCD.

The JCD urged all citizens not to click on such pages and links or deal with them, and not to give them any personal information or give in to these fake personalities to avoid falling victim to any kind of fraud or electronic theft.

It emphasized th
at all electronic services provided by the JCD are indicated on its official website and do not require such information, noting that the competent authorities have been contacted to take the necessary legal measures against the promoters and owners of these pages in preparation for referring them to the judiciary.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Deputizing for King, State Minister participates in OIC summit in Gambia, 2nd, final add

He underlined that Jordan will continue to fulfill its duty to send humanitarian aid to the Palestinian brothers by all possible means, referring to the efforts of the two Jordanian field hospitals that provide possible medical services to our brothers in Gaza, the field hospital in Nablus in the West Bank, as well as medical clinics in Jenin and Ramallah.

He added that Jordan is making efforts to deliver aid to the people of Gaza in all ways, including airdrops, to ensure the provision of medical and food relief aid to the brotherly Palestinian people in Gaza, referring to the meeting held by His Majesty King Abdullah II with the participation of representatives of countries, UN officials and international humanitarian organizations working in Gaza on 30/11/2023 to coordinate the humanitarian response in Gaza.

Jazi said that Jordan emphasizes the importance of respecting the mandate of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which since the outbreak of this war, in addition to its work, has pla
yed an indispensable role in delivering aid to more than two million Palestinians, who are facing a humanitarian disaster as a result of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, calling on the international community to continue providing the necessary support to the Agency to enable it to play its role and implement its mandate within its UN mandate.

He also pointed out that Jordan urges the countries that announced the suspension of their support to reverse their decision to ensure that the Agency continues to provide its vital services, which represent a lifeline for more than two million Palestinians facing an unprecedented humanitarian disaster in Gaza, as confirmed by the report of the Independent Review Panel on UNRWA issued by Ms. Colonna.

“Our region today is paying the price for the absence of a political solution to the occupation,” Jazi said, stressing the need to find a comprehensive vision for regional security based on resolving the Palestinian issue by recognizing the Palestinian state as a full memb
er of the United Nations and achieving a just and comprehensive peace on the basis of the two-state solution. “There is no security, peace or stability without ending the occupation and realizing an independent and sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital on the lines of June 4, 1967,” Jazi concluded his speech.

Source: Jordan News Agency

The occupation forces fire Energa shells towards a house in Deir Al-Ghusoun

Tulkarm – Ma’an – Tonight, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Deir Al-Ghusoun, north of Tulkarm, and surrounded a house there.

Local sources reported that special forces from the occupation army stormed the town and besieged a house in the eastern neighborhood, while military reinforcements were sent to it, amid heavy gunfire.

She added that the occupation forces fired “Energa” shells towards the besieged house, and requested through loudspeakers that young men surrender themselves.

Source: Maan News Agency

Deputizing for King, State Minister participates in OIC summit in Gambia

Banjul: Deputizing for His Majesty King Abdullah II, Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs, Ibrahim Jazi, on Saturday participated in the opening of the 15th summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Banjul, the capital of the Republic of Gambia.

During the summit, Jazi delivered Jordan’s speech, conveying the greetings of His Majesty King Abdullah II and thanks and appreciation to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, the former chair of the summit, for the efforts exerted during his presidency of the 14th session of the OIC Summit.

He also thanked H.E. Gambian President Adama Barrow and the Republic of Gambia for the efforts exerted to host the 15th Session, wishing them success in presiding over the summit and looking forward to working together to serve the objectives of the OIC and the success of the current session.

Jazi stressed the importance of holding the summit under the theme “Enhancing Unity and Solidarity through Dialogue for Sust
ainable Development,” but it is not possible to talk about sustainable development in our region “without solidarity to stop the raging war and Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people,” pointing to the need to enhance action to address the humanitarian disaster in Gaza, and initiate a dialogue to put our entire region on the path of a just and comprehensive peace.

He said, “Our meeting is proof of the OIC’s continued efforts to stop the Israeli aggression,” stressing at the same time the necessity of following up on the results of the extraordinary joint Arab-Islamic summit held in Riyadh in November 2023, first and foremost appreciating the efforts made by the ministerial committee assigned by the summit with the aim of reaching an immediate and permanent cessation of the war on the Gaza Strip, protecting civilians, preventing the forced displacement of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, and ensuring the sustainable entry of humanitarian aid into all parts of the Gaza Strip.

Source: Jordan News A

A theft gang consisting of three women arrested in the Grand Market in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, Kirkuk Police detachments arrested a theft gang consisting of three women in the Grand Market.

A security source said, with a tight ambush, rescue and patrol police detachments in Kirkuk, based on confirmed information, targeted a theft gang consisting of three women in the Grand Market (al-Sooq al-Khabir). They confessed to having robbed many citizens while they were shopping in Qaisariya Market and the Grand Market. Legal measures were taken against them and they were handed over to the Anti-Crime Department in preparation for referring them to the competent courts.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

PSD marks world traffic day

Amman: Interior Minister Mazen karayah said Saturday that the Public Security Directorate (PSD) is serious about enforcing the new traffic law, urging a firm and fair application of the law in order to become “a prevailing culture.”

In remarks at a ceremony to mark world traffic day, entitled “with awareness, we arrive safe”, Farayah said the occasion means change to the better and highlights achievements in infrastructure, training of cadres and updating of traffic legislation and rescue and assistance approaches.

Traffic is not the sole responsibility of the PSD, but is a participatory process by ministries, the government, the public and private sectors, and the public, he said, adding that for this reason the Higher Council for Road Safety was established, which drew up the national traffic safety strategy.

Traffic safety is a national priority, said PSD Assistant Director for Traffic and Foreigners Affairs, Brig. Gen. Salem Shamasin, adding that since the Traffic Law took force, the directorate has em
barked on measures to curb “negative behaviors” and violations that risked lives and property.

He stressed the importance of traffic awareness and strengthening cooperation and partnership with various institutions to ensure road safety.

During the ceremony, the Interior Minister honored a number of supporting institutions and entities, and individuals with a clean driving record, both military and civilian.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Sent a shipment of drugs to Baghdad.. an Int’l trafficker active on the Iraqi-Syrian border arrested

Baghdad, Sulaymaniyah Security Service announced today, Saturday, the seizure of more than three kilograms of drugs in the possession of an international dealer active on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Sulaymaniyah Security Service stated in a statement, ‘Asayish detachments, in cooperation with the Narcotic Drug Control Directorate and the Iraqi National Security Service, were able, after issuing judicial approvals and collecting intelligence information, to overthrow the drug dealer (A.M.H.) in Rabrin, through a security operation carried out on the 4-5-2024, indicating that three and a half kilograms of drugs and weapons were seized, which were in the possession of the accused at the time of his arrest.

It added, “The accused was active in the drug trade in the border areas between Iraq and Syria, before a large shipment of drugs was confiscated, which the accused sent to Baghdad last week.”

The Sulaymaniyah Security Service explained, ‘The accused escaped several times from the grip of the security forces th
at began to arrest him,’ confirming his arrest in accordance with Article 25 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Control Law, and that an investigation into the case is underway.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

PA: 1,242 Israeli army, settler attacks documented in West Bank, Jerusalem in April

Ramallah: Israeli occupation forces and Jewish settlers carried out 1,242 attacks on Palestinians, property and places of worship in the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem during the month of April, a Palestinian Authority (PA) official said Saturday.

Mu’ayad Shaaban, Head of the PA’s Commission to Resist the Wall and Settlements, said in a monthly report that 895 assaults were carried out by Israeli forces and 347 by settlers.

He said most of the attacks took place in Nablus, where 202 were documented, Hebron 188, and Ramallah, 188.

Source: Jordan News Agency