10th Senyar Festival Wraps Up

Doha: May 04 – The 10th edition of the Senyar Festival wrapped up on Saturday with the General Manager of Katara Cultural Village Foundation Dr. Khaled bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti honoring the winners.

The honoring ceremony was attended by the participating teams, the general public, and maritime heritage enthusiasts.

The first place prize went to Team Suhail with 376.66 kg, with the team’s fisherman Hamad Ali Al Tamimi receiving the trophy and a prize of QR 1,000,000.

The second place went to Team Al Zubara with 349.6 kg, for which Nasser Khalifa Al Malham received a prize of QR 500,000. As for the third place, it was secured by Team Al Jaryyan with 348.5 kg, for which Hamad Nasser Al Suwaidi received a prize of QR 300,000.

The ceremony also honored the top-3 winners in the largest fish competition. Team Suhail came in first place with a weight of 16.40 kg, with Hamad Ali Al Tamimi receiving a prize of QR50,000. The second place went to Team Al Khor with 12.40 kg, with Saoud Abdulaziz Al Mohannadi receiving
a prize of QR 30,000, followed by Team Belhambar who won third place with 12.25 kg, with fisherman Ali Mohammed Al Emadi receiving a prize of QR 20,000.

On this occasion Katara General Manager stressed in his address that Senyar revives the heritage of the ancestors, recalling their feats and glories. He pointed out the significance of the festival in reviving the traditions of the first generation and embodying their struggles. He expressed his pride in Senyar’s continued success this year, attracting more youth from Qatar and the other GCC countries, establishing the festival’s role in reviving the maritime heritage in Qatar and the region.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Israeli army closes Karem Abu Salem border crossing following rocket attack

Amman: The Israeli occupation army announced on Sunday that it has decided to close the Karem Abu Salem border crossing after a rocket attack, which the military described as “unusual”.

According to Euronews, the Israeli army and media outlets confirmed that at least 14 soldiers were injured, including three whose injuries were described as serious, in a rocket attack carried out by Hamas from the city of Rafah.

The Israeli army decided to close the crossing after sending military support, helicopters, soldiers, and ambulances to evacuate the wounded from the site of the attack.

The attack comes as Israel prepares to launch a ground assault on Rafah, the last refuge for over 1.4 million Palestinians in the southern Gaza Strip.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Israel bans UNRWA Commissioner from entering Gaza

Amman: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) announced that, for the second time in a week, Israeli authorities have denied the agency’s Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini entry into the Gaza Strip.

Lazzarini said in a post on his X account that he wanted to join his team working in Gaza, especially those on the front lines helping Palestinians.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Vocational education is highly prioritized in development plans and programs, says minister

Amman: Minister of Education, Azmi Mahafzah, said that the ministry is significantly counting on vocational education supervisors to improve the conduct of vocational education in the Kingdom’s schools, especially the BTEC program, as well as empowering supervisors to carry out their duties to the fullest.

During his meeting with vocational education supervisors in education directorates on Sunday, Mahafzah added that the Ministry gives vocational education the highest priority within its development plans and programs, stressing the importance of everyone’s efforts to make this experience a success, which receives great attention from His Majesty King Abdullah II and HRH Crown Prince Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II.

He underscored the importance of continuous follow-up from the heads of vocational education departments and vocational education supervisors on the progress of the educational process in the field, especially students’ commitment to schools, adherence to the procedural plans set by the educa
tional supervisor, focus on the quality of outputs, and coordination between supervisors from different disciplines.

He added that the ministry, through the Department of Vocational Education, has conducted campaigns to meet with parents and students to motivate and raise awareness and increase demand for vocational education, noting that the ministry has started a media campaign to clarify the available programs and motivate students to join the new vocational specialties.

He explained that the ministry is in the process of preparing a new vocational education curriculum for the seventh, ninth, and eleventh grades as a first phase, which blends vocational education and life skills, with a focus on career guidance and counseling, and teachers will soon be trained on the new curriculum.

Source: Jordan News Agency

GAM declares moderate state of emergency to deal with weather conditions

Amman: The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) declared a moderate state of emergency as of Monday, to deal with a relatively cold and humid air mass that will affect the Kingdom, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department’s (JMD) report.

GAM confirmed its readiness to deal with any reports received by the Tela’ Al-Ali emergency room, calling on citizens to call the unified call center numbers (102 and 117180).

GAM spokesperson Naser Rahamneh advised the public to use caution, avoid valley streams and low-lying areas, avoid connecting a house’s roof gutter to a sewage manhole to prevent flooding on the roads, and refrain from throwing waste carelessly, as this can prevent rainwater drainage lines from closing.

GAM emphasizes the importance of checking submersible pumps in floors and shops located below street level, urging merchants to take precautions when storing items in warehouses and basements.

GAM also called on contractors and owners of construction projects to secure building materials to avoi
d erosion and direct blockage of rainwater drainage line

Source: Jordan News Agency

Brazil flood death toll rises to 66

Amman: Brazilian authorities in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul revealed that the number of flood victims has risen to 66 dead and more than 100 missing.

According to Euronews, the state’s civil defense said Sunday in a statement that the number of people still missing has risen to 101 and more than 80,000 have been displaced, indicating that authorities are investigating whether six other deaths are linked to the storms.

The storms and rains in the past few days caused damage to more than 300 towns and cities in the state, which borders Uruguay and Argentina, and the rainwater destroyed roads and bridges in several areas of the state, in addition to landslides and the partial collapse of a dam at a small hydroelectric power plant.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Queen warns of threat to “Rules-Based World Order” as Israel’s War on Gaza Continues

New York: Queen Rania Al Abdullah cautioned that the world’s failure to prevent Israeli atrocities in Gaza sets a “very dangerous precedent” for the rest of the world, urging the international community to use political leverage to compel Israel to “end the war and let aid in.”

“As cruel and ugly as the war in Gaza is, the state of our rules-based world order is looking exponentially worse,” Queen Rania said in an interview with Margaret Brennan on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ in New York, which aired on Sunday.

“People are looking at Gaza as a reflection of the rest of the world, where the rules don’t matter, where international law doesn’t matter, where UN resolutions can be ignored,” she said. “I think that sets a very, very dangerous precedent.”

The Queen noted that, while some of Israel’s allies – including the US – are critical of what is happening in Gaza, they are reluctant to take decisive measures against it.

The Queen stated that Israel has continuously dismissed the advice and warnings of allies re
garding its conduct, explaining that its supporters do it a “great disservice” when they fail to hold it accountable for its actions, creating a culture of impunity.

“That has been the situation for decades, where they feel that they can be the exception to every international law and standard. Either you’re part of the international community, and you abide by the rules, or you’re a pariah state that’s made an exception to every rule,” she said, underscoring that accountability “will be for Israel’s best interests in the long term.”

Her Majesty also highlighted the dire humanitarian catastrophe Israel has created in Gaza, resulting in the death of almost 35,000 Palestinians, 75% of whom are women and children, as well as the displacement of 1.7 million Gazans and widespread hunger.

“Cities have turned to wasteland. Growing, happy children have been reduced to skin and bone. 2.3 million people in a small area have been going through hell every single day,” she said.

She also mentioned reports from UNICEF
that teenage girls in Gaza are wishing for death over life under such disastrous conditions, and that Gaza is now home to the world’s largest cohort of child amputees.

Citing the “unprecedented” hunger figures in Gaza, Her Majesty urged the immediate flooding of Gaza with aid in order to avoid a mass famine, explaining that it would be “a major stain on our global conscience to see this happening in slow motion and not do something about it.”

She also called on the international community to prevent Israel from committing a full-scale invasion of Rafah, describing it as “the end of the line” for Gazans, who have been “pushed systematically further and further south” since the start of the war.

Queen Rania went on to explain that the decades-long dehumanization of Palestinians in Israeli society has been “an intentional approach that Israel adopted in order to numb people to Palestinian suffering.”

“Israelis are surprised when the word ‘genocide’ is used, because they cannot see Palestinians as anything bu
t as a security threat,” she said. However, she underscored that dehumanization works both ways. “When you lose your ability to empathize towards the other side, you become hardened yourself. It degrades your own humanity,” she said.

When asked about the ongoing pro-Palestinian protests spreading across US university campuses, Her Majesty stressed the importance of maintaining law and order. However, she urged the public not to lose sight of what students are actually protesting.

“They’re saying…clearly there are different standards that humanitarian law is applied selectively that our lives don’t matter,” she said, elaborating that protestors are also enraged at the normalization or war crimes and collective punishment, questioning how it is acceptable “for almost 15,000 children to be killed, 19,000 to be orphaned [and] infrastructure to be obliterated.”

“For them, the issue of Gaza and the Palestinian conflict is more about social justice. They are standing up for human rights [and] for the principles
that underpin international law. They’re standing up for the future they’re going to inherit,” she explained.

Condemning antisemitism as “the worst kind of bigotry,” Her Majesty noted that Muslims should be “at the forefront of fighting antisemitism, because Islamophobia is the other side of the same disease and it’s also on the rise.”

However, she also made clear that conflating criticisms of Israel with antisemitism is misleading, and that it is “wrong to hold the Jewish community responsible for the actions or the policies of Israel.”

Her Majesty said that when people speak out against the war on Gaza, they “speak against collective punishment, when you deprive people of food as a weapon of war, when an entire population is displaced, when there’s indiscriminate bombing.”

When asked about that long-term impact of this war, and whether it was likely to radicalize younger generations, Her Majesty agreed, suggesting that the war on Gaza “is probably one of the largest recruitment events that we’ve seen in
recent history because it’s turned a lot of people away and it’s making people feel like there’s just no justice in this world.” She also argued that this war is not making Israel or the world a safer place. “Peace is not about politics only,” she underscored, reflecting that it is also about people, culture, and a state of mind.

“It’s about choosing tolerance over suspicion. It’s about choosing compromise and reconciliation over the false promise of victory,” she said.

“I understand that what happened on October 7 was traumatic and devastating for Israeli society, but the reaction to it has not helped the situation,” she said, adding that you cannot give into a “visceral reaction of retribution and revenge” without digging deeper into the cycle of violence.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Israeli warplanes kill 12 Palestinians in Gaza

Gaza: Israeli warplanes Sunday killed six Palestinians and injured six others after targeting a house in the Yabna Refugee Camp, south of Rafah in Gaza.

According to medical sources, six other Palestinians were killed and others wounded after an Israeli bombing of a building in Al-Jaouni Preparatory School in the Nuseirat Refugee Camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Environment Minister, UAE’s ZayedCHF officials talk environment

Amman: Environment Minister Muawiyah Radaideh and a delegation of the Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation (ZayedCHF) Sunday discussed environment cooperation.

Radaideh said the Ministry supports ZayedCHF efforts and would provide technical support in the water desalination project with renewable energy in the Kingdom, which the UAE Foundation will implement through the expertise and capabilities of the Ministry’s staff.

The head of the Foundation, Saeed Khamiri said ZayedCHF wants to implement the project through cooperation and coordination with several relevant and competent state institutions, providing communication channels, coordinating field visits and preparing a joint study to implement the project.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Session Explores Investment Prospects Between Jordan, Iraq

Dead Sea: A specialized session delved into investment prospects between Jordan and Iraq across diverse economic sectors, particularly in mining and industry.

Convened during the Economic Forum for Financial, Industrial, and Commercial Partnerships among Jordan, Iraq, and regional nations, attendees included Investment Minister Kholoud Saqqaf, Iraqi Industry and Minerals Minister Khaled Battal, and Kamel Dulaimi, Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Presidency. The session, led by Majid Saadi, Chair of the Iraqi Business Council in Amman, aimed to explore collaborative opportunities.

Saqqaf highlighted investment prospects on the Invest in Jordan platform (invest.jo), aligning with the Economic Modernization Vision. She emphasized the government’s support for investment funds establishment, citing their role in stimulating capital and attracting investors, particularly in lucrative sectors like mining, infrastructure, and tourism.

Battal underscored Iraq’s industrial strategy, ongoing efforts to boost the sector, a
nd plans for a joint economic zone with Jordan. He discussed visa arrangements between the two nations and Iraq’s initiatives to address unemployment and attract foreign investments, especially in mining.

Dulaimi pointed to President Abdul Latif Rashid’s recent visit to Jordan, emphasizing its significance amid regional political shifts. He highlighted discussions aimed at bolstering bilateral ties and enhancing economic systems to facilitate investment projects.

Eid Amjad Sweis, Chairman of the Association of Information and Communications Technology Companies (Intaj), emphasized the forum’s relevance in a time of rapid technological advancements, noting its potential to foster cooperation, create job opportunities, and drive innovation in various sectors.

The forum, inaugurated on Sunday at the King Hussein Convention Center in the Dead Sea, is organized by the Iraqi Business Council in collaboration with Jordan and Amman Chambers of Industry. It serves as a pivotal platform for fostering economic cooper
ation, building partnerships, and envisioning regional economic prosperity and development.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Amman Stock Exchange Ends Daily Trading with Slight Decline

Amman: The stock exchange in Amman concluded its daily session with a 0.21 percent decrease, settling at a point level of 2360.

Trading on Sunday saw a total of 1.8 million shares exchanged across 2,077 contracts, amounting to approximately JD3 million.

Forty companies experienced declines in their share prices, while sixteen saw increases, and the prices of twenty-five companies remained unchanged.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Sunday newspapers celebrate World Press Freedom Day… And mobilizing service and relief efforts for those affected by the floods

Sunday’s newspapers focused on World Press Freedom Day and mobilizing service and relief efforts for those affected by the floods.

Al-Zawraa newspaper, which is published by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, quoted the President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Gamal Rashid, the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, the Speaker of the Parliament, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, and the Head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, President of the Federation of Arab Journalists, Muayad Al-Lami, confirming their full support for consolidating the principle of freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of the media and protection of the journalist’s family.

Rashid said in a post on his account on the ‘X’ platform: ‘On World Press Freedom Day, we affirm our full support for consolidating the principle of freedom of opinion and expression and preparing the requirements for free journalistic and media work committed to professionalism, objectivity, and conveying the true picture, as this is a basic element for protecting the dem
ocratic experience in our country.’

He added: ‘My sincerest congratulations and blessings to journalists in Iraq and the world, and we also remember with reverence the martyrs of opinion and speech and their sacrifices for the sake of upholding the principles of freedom and democracy and achieving the dignity of the nation and its citizens.’

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani stressed that professional journalistic work is a great responsibility and the best support for the government in its executive work.

Al-Sudani said, in his post “In order to carry out their work without restrictions or coercion, based on our constitution, which guarantees public freedoms.’

He added, ‘Professional journalistic work is a great responsibility and the best support for the government in its executive work, which it performs in the service of the people of our country and the prosperity of our country.’

For his part, Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, affirmed the Council
‘s full support for media freedom and the protection of the journalistic family in Iraq.

Al-Mandalawi said in a statement, ‘We extend our highest congratulations and blessings to the Iraqi journalistic family and the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, recalling the great sacrifices of journalists in Iraq, Palestine, and the world who gave their lives in sacrifice for the honest word and in defense of the freedom of their people.’

The head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, President of the Federation of Arab Journalists, Moayad, said in a blog post on the number of martyrs that reached more than 500 journalist martyrs at the hands of blind terrorism and the occupation forces, and among them were those who confronted the terrorist organization ISIS and conveyed the image of their blind darkness and contributed to conveying the courage and sacrifices of the brave Iraqi fighters, members of our military and security forces, the Popular Mobilization Forces, and the Peshmerg
a. They sacrificed their lives in order to consolidate the concepts of freedom of opinion, expression, and defense Iraq.

He continued: We also do not forget the martyrs of the press in Palestine, especially the martyrs of beloved Gaza at the hands of the brutal occupation forces. We salute their pure souls and salute their honorable families. Our great support for them will continue in the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate and through the Federation of Arab Journalists, which stood in righteousness with its people in Palestine, and it is a message to the world: Stop the aggression. and the killing of civilians. Greetings to all journalists around the world, from their brothers in Iraq and the Arab countries. Our hearts are together. We will not forget any oppressed person everywhere.

He pointed out that what is coming will be great to support the members of our Iraqi journalistic family in various areas of life. Thank you for every supportive, helpful and supportive stance towards journalists in Iraq and journali
sts around the world.

Regarding the flood wave, Al-Sabah newspaper said that Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, yesterday, Saturday, directed the continued mobilization of service and relief efforts for those affected by the flood waves.

A statement from his office stated, ‘The Prime Minister chaired a meeting devoted to discussing the effects of the recent rain wave, in the presence of the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Trade, the Mayor of Baghdad, the General Coordinator for Governorate Affairs, the Deputy Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Deputy Commander of Joint Operations, and a number of officials in several ministries.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency