Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Science and Technology, inaugurated the “Third International Conference on Tourism Management and Preservation of Antiquities” on Tuesday, hosted by Hashemite University and organized by the Queen Rania College for Tourism and Heritage.

During his inaugural address, attended by notable dignitaries including HRH Princess Dana Firas, former Prime Minister Dr. Abdel Raouf Rawabdeh, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Makram Qaisi, among others, the Prince emphasized the urgent need for a Jordanian heritage initiative aimed at conserving cultural and human heritage.

He recognized history and heritage as fundamental in constructing a prosperous and distinguished society, and stated that “defending our heritage is akin to defending our identity”. He underlined that cultural heritage belongs to all and transcends political and crisis-ridden divisions.

Prince El Hassan emphasized the significance of our cultural history, a testament to interconnected ancient civilizations, and the need for its protection against possible defilement.

He further stressed that learning about history and antiquities is a reminder of our roots and shared connections, promoting the idea of a single civilization composed of multiple, diverse cultures.

He highlighted the role of tourism management in fostering better understanding among cultures, stressing the importance of celebrating differences, accepting diversity and pluralism, and empowering institutions to safeguard sites of spiritual and historical significance.

HRH Princess Dana Firas, Chair of the World Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS Jordan), articulated the council’s commitment to raising awareness about cultural heritage preservation, supporting relevant research and activities, and involving younger generations in documenting and perpetuating cultural heritage.

She reaffirmed that heritage represents shared human values and memories and is a cornerstone for fostering a diverse, inclusive identity. She spoke of the intersection between heritage and sustainable development, with growth, employment, and a sustainable economy all linked to people and their values.

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Makram Al-Qaisi, detailed the inclusion of six Jordanian sites on the World Heritage List, attributing their global significance to the display of Arab and Islamic tolerance throughout history. He also elaborated on ongoing projects to upgrade six museums.

The conference, which saw participation from over 85 international and Arab scholars, researchers, and academics, included discussions on contemporary issues in tourism and heritage, new contexts for tourist destinations, digital heritage documentation techniques, and preservation of heritage and archaeological sites.

Concluding the day, Prince El Hassan opened an art exhibition by Dr. Iyad Al-Masry from the Department of Art Education at the Hashemite University.

Source: Jordan News Agency