Al-Murtada: Prisoners’ Affairs Committee will release 100 of other party’s prisoners in humanitarian initiative

Chairman of the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs, Abdul Qadir Al-Murtada, confirmed that the committee will implement a unilateral humanitarian initiative, which consists of releasing more than 100 prisoners of the other party.

Al-Murtada said in a tweet on the ‘X’ platform, ‘Under the generous directives of the leader of the revolution, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, tomorrow, Saturday, we will implement a unilateral humanitarian initiative, in which we will release more than 100 prisoners of the other party.’

He pointed out that details on this issue will be in the press release during the release process

Source: Yemen News Agency

HR welcomes decision of Court of Justice, calls for intel pressure on entity, its supporters

The Ministry of Human Rights has expressed its approval of the International Court of Justice’s decision, which binds the Zionist entity to cease military attacks or any other actions in the city of Rafah, located in the southern Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, the Ministry stresses the importance of keeping the Rafah crossing open to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into the Strip.

In a statement, the Ministry views this decision as a positive step, yet it expresses surprise at the court’s disregard for the dire situation in other areas of the Gaza Strip. This neglect comes amidst the Zionist entity’s persistent perpetration of murder and extermination crimes against civilians in those areas.

The Ministry emphasizes that the orders of the International Court of Justice, as the primary judicial body of the United Nations, are legally binding. Thus, the Zionist entity is obligated to comply with the decision to cease the invasion of Rafah.

It highlights that this decision bolsters the legitimacy of Pales
tinian resistance against occupation, reaffirms the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, and exposes Israel’s claims of self-defense while it acts as the aggressor against Palestinian land and people.

The Ministry notes that this decision paves the way for holding the entity accountable for its crimes in international courts. This is especially significant given the growing international support for the Palestinian cause and the increasing recognition of Palestinian rights, as evidenced by recent actions taken by European countries such as Spain, Norway, and Ireland.

The Ministry urges for practical international pressure on the entity to halt its aggressive and settlement policies in the occupied Palestinian territories. It asserts that international parties are now under scrutiny before global public opinion, particularly in light of the intense and barbaric bombing currently underway in Rafah.

The statement warns that if the United States blocks the resolution in the Security Council, it wi
ll further tarnish its reputation and represent a condemnation by the international community. Additionally, it considers the American position a serious threat to the primary objectives of the Security Council, which are to uphold international peace and security.

The Ministry expresses astonishment at the European Union’s statements, which caution the Zionist entity against threatening the court or its judges. Instead, it believes the EU should have warned the entity against defying the court’s decision and pressured it to cease its aggressive and settlement policies in the occupied Palestinian territories.

It calls on the international community to intensify pressure on the entity and its supporters to adhere to the provisions of international law and legitimacy.

Finally, the Ministry urges the Security Council and influential international parties to fulfill their legal and humanitarian responsibilities by adopting decisive measures. These measures should include ending the humanitarian catastrophe in
Gaza, implementing a comprehensive ceasefire, halting military operations in Rafah, ensuring the unrestricted flow of aid throughout the Strip, and safeguarding international relief crews.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Official in Guidance Ministry :Saudi regime continues to impose obstacles on Yemeni pilgrims

An official source at the Guidance Ministry , Hajj and Umrah Affairs confirmed that the Saudi regime continues to impose obstacles to pilgrims from the Yemeni people.

The official explained in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that the Saudi regime changed the air transportation plan for Yemeni pilgrims at the last moments by reducing the number of agreed-upon flights to the Republic of Yemen, which are not sufficient to transport the registered pilgrims, who number approximately 12,400 pilgrims, in parallel with not Issuing visas for pilgrims traveling by air and delaying the issuance of permits for Hajj trips until now.

The source considered these obstructive measures a clear intention to prevent people from entering the Sacred House of God and politicize the Hajj ritual within the framework of the aggression and siege against the Yemeni people.

He referred to the efforts made by the Ministry of Guidance, Hajj and Umrah Affairs and the relevant concerned authorities in overcoming difficulties
and removing obstacles, stressing that the Saudi regime uses this obligation as a pressure card on the Yemeni people, using its mercenary tools.

The source called on the Saudi regime to stop politicizing the Hajj ritual and not to hinder the pilgrims of the Holy House of God, to implement what was agreed upon in advance, and to lift restrictions on the international ports of entry to the Republic of Yemen to facilitate the arrival of the Guests of God in accordance with the procedures regulating that.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Community Initiative successfully expands by growing Ginger in Mahwit

A community initiative in the Malhan District of Al-Mahwit province was successful in expanding ginger cultivation in the governorate.

The initiative aimed to demonstrate the viability of the ginger’s productivity and expand its cultivation to contribute to reducing the import bill of this high-quality crop.

Mohammed Al-Nawira, Al-Mahwit ‘ Being one of the most prominent areas for crop cultivation, along with coffee cultivation and a number of agricultural crops, where the fertility of their soil is characterized.

He noted that the price per kilogram of this crop amounted to more than SAR 1,500, and the quantities offered ginger and turmeric had a high consumer demand; Being fresh crops, of high quality, compared to their imported counterparts from abroad.

Agent Al-Nawira underlined the local authority leadership’s desire to encourage support for the cultivation of such crops to benefit from them in meeting local needs and their self-sufficiency, thereby reducing the import bill from ginger and turmeric

He stressed the importance of strengthening efforts, and coordinating with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, relevant stakeholders and those involved in the agricultural sector, to encourage the cultivation of crops in the appropriate areas for cultivation by supporting farmers with agricultural production inputs and seeds, agricultural services and strengthening agricultural extension activities.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Zakat Authority launches distribution of 2,000 food baskets for displaced families in Hodeida

The Zakat General Authority office in Hodeida governorate has launched on Thursday the distribution of food baskets for displaced persons in a number of province districts.

The assistance targets 2,000 food baskets of displaced families affected by the consequences of the aggression in the directorates of Mokha, Al Khawkhah, Hays and Al Garrahi.

The Deputy Governor for Services, Mohamed Halisi, commended the humanitarian role of the Zakat General Authority and its office in the governorate; To see the situation of displaced persons affected by the aggression in the target districts.

This assistance was seen as a picture of social solidarity, embodied in the Authority’s projects to alleviate the suffering of the poor and the needy. It notes the successes achieved in zakat banks and the development of zakat performance.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Conclusion of course for leaders on development

The training course for government and community development leaders on sustainable local development, organized by the Bonyan Development Academy, concluded in Sana’a.

The course, which lasted ten days with the participation of 130 trainees from five directorates, aimed to raise the capabilities of cadres of local authorities and institutions through training in the field of local social and economic development.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Concluding course to build teachers’ capabilities in Jawf

A training course concluded in Al-Jawf governorate on building and qualifying the capabilities of teachers and social workers in schools on referral for vulnerable children.

The course, which was organized – over a period of 5 days – by the offices of Social Affairs, Labor and Education in the governorate in cooperation with the Supreme Council for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and UNICEF, aimed to qualify 80 teachers and social workers and provide them with knowledge related to child rights conventions.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Discussing priorities of development work in Marib

The development team in Marib governorate, in Al-Abdiyah district, discussed the development team’s work plan in the social, organizational and economic dimensions, the level of achievement in community initiatives, and activating agricultural activity.

The meeting reviewed the training and qualification program for the directorate’s development team, and the importance of activating community work and cooperative societies.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Evening at flood Al-Aqsa School in Hajjah

The ‘Flood Al-Aqsa’ Summer School in Kaidna, Hajjah governorate, organized a cultural evening as part of the national campaign to support Al-Aqsa.

During the evening, the governor’s representative emphasized everyone’s role in supporting Al-Aqsa, and the victory for the martyrs, women and children.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Workshop on procedures for protecting public funds

The General Electricity Corporation, in cooperation with the Public Funds Prosecution, organized a workshop on the procedures and legal controls necessary to protect public funds, affiliated with the electricity and energy sector.

In the workshop, the Minister of Electricity and Energy stressed the importance of the workshop in which the directors of legal affairs in the ministry and its affiliated agencies participate to enhance their legal capabilities related to following up on electricity cases pending before the judiciary.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Evenings in Kashar, Hajjah on anniversary of al-Sarkha

The Imam al-Hadi Summer School in Kushar, Hajjah governorate organized a cultural evening on the anniversary of al-Sarkha against the arrogant.

The meeting reviewed the beginning of the launching of the slogan by the martyr, Commander al-Sayeed Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi in conjunction with the enlightening Qur’anic project against hegemony and the forces of global arrogance.

Source: Yemen News Agency